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72 Hour Diet Pill

72 Hour Diet Pill refers to itself as a "detoxing" pill, eliminating excess weight and other toxic buildup from the colon, causing immediate weight loss. Its fast-acting formula has made it a top pick amongst fad dieters.

72 Hour Diet Pill Ingredients

  • Ginger root- reduces nausea and vomiting;
  • Potassium gluconate- can lower your blood pressure;
  • Caffeine anhydrous and dandelion root- lowers cholesterol and blood sugar;
  • Juniper berry- helps flush out your body through urination;
  • Buchu leaves- a diuretic
  • Uva ursi- an herb believed to encourage your immune system.

72 Hour Diet Pill Side Effects

Since caffeine is one of the ingredients in this pill, as with all the other diet pills, people with heart problems should absolutely steer clear of this supplement. Some consumers complained of bloating, breast tenderness in women, frequent urination (the pill does contain a diuretic), dehydration and jitters.

72 Hour Diet Pill Benefits

Keep in mind that the manufacturers of this diet plan heavily encourage a low fat, low Carb diet while taking this supplement.

It boasts quick weight loss for those needing to fit in a special outfit for a special occasion.The pill is actually relatively effective as a detox method; weight loss however would depend on individual results.

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