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8-FX is a weight loss pill which follows the 8-point solution to optimal fat loss. Those 8 points are:

1.Increase metabolism

2. Promote fat oxidation

3. Support optimal thyroid activity

4. Increase focus and alertness

5. Increase energy

6. Enhance mood

7. Increase norepinephrine, the thermogenic “activator”

8. Stimulate cAMP- mediated fat breakdown

8-FX Ingredients

8-FX contains the following active ingredients:
  • Chromium – Some scientific studies proved that it can cause weight loss while others shown that it actually doesn't cause any weight loss.
  • Neuravena Wild Green Oat Extract
  • Caffeine (50mg) – It was shown that caffeine helps you lose weight, but you can't expect to lose much weight with only 50g.
  • DMAE – Supposedly it can positively affect your mood but we need to have more research in this field.
  • Coleus Forskolii – It's true that Coleus Forskolii contributes to losing weight but they don't say how much of Coleus Forskolii is included in 8-FX diet pill.
  • Raspberry Ketones – It was proven that they can cause weight loss in mice when included as 1% of the diet. However, in order to get 1% of your diet as raspberry ketones, you would need to take a lot of 8-FX pills. Please do not take more 8-FX pills than the daily dose!
  • Evodia Extract – Can cause weight loss in mice but we need more research on humans.
  • Advantra-Z – It contains synephrine which was shown to cause weight loss. However it is unknown how much synephrine there is inside this diet pill.
  • Green tea – Was proven to help with weight loss. In order to be effective, you need to take 300mg or more Green tea daily. It is very unlikely that 8-FX contains that amount of Green tea per day.
  • 7-Methyoxy-8-Isopentenoxycoumarin
  • Yohimbe – Doesn't say how much of Yohimbe is included, making it difficult for us to tell if it will help with weight loss or not.
  • Japanese Knotweed Extract

8-FX Dosage

The recommended 8-FX dose for weight loss is 4 capsules with eight ounces of water . Please do not take more 8-FX pills than the daily dose.

8-FX Side Effects

8-FX comes with a warning label cautioning you that this particular product is meant only for people over 18 years of age and is not meant for people with medical conditions such as psychological disorders, cardiovascular complications among other ailments.

8-FX Pros

  • accessible online and in stores
  • impressive website
  • contains a patented form of Chromium called “Chromulin”

8-FX Cons

  • very expensive with no money back guarantee
  • minimal weight loss from consumers
  • contains the inactive ingredient ” rice flour”a problem for people with wheat allergies

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