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Adipril is a pill that promises that you can loose 10 pounds in just 7 days. They offer patented ingredients that are designed to burn fat by raising metabolism and decreasing your appetite and increasing fat burning enzymes. They promise long term effects and clinically proven effects.

Adipril Ingredients

Adipril ingredients are:

  • Thermodiamine – Also known as evodiamine, Thermodiamine supports the reduction in body fat. A recent study showed that when evodiamine was supplemented in a high-fat diet for 21 days, body fat was reduced significantly.

  • Raszberi-K – A ketone unique to raspberries, this unit supports body fat reduction by increasing the body’s metabolism.

  • FucoPure – Is a patented brand name for a product containing Fucoxanthin. This extract is derived from Wakame seaweed and can oxidize fat and release energy through thermogenisis in fat cells.

  • Forslean – This is typically known as a power herb. This substance will promote lean muscle mass in the body and allow you to retain that mass as body weight diminishes.

  • Guggul EZ-100 – Will help maintain normal blood lipid levels, improve the texture of the skin and help the thyroid function more efficiently. The nice thing about Guggul EZ-100, is that it won’t strip your muscle mass in that process.

  • BioPerine – Enhances the absorption of nutrients. This helps the body absorb the nutrients contained in the other 8 supplements so the body can maximize the weight loss potential.

  • Green Tea – This tea extract is loaded with several important nutrients.  It has been used in different for many years to help treat disease and other ailments.  While it isn’t considered a major force in weight loss, there is some scientific studies that show green tea can improve metabolism and thus, the body’s fat burning ability.

  • Capsaicin- Found in cayenne peppers, this is extract is loaded with antioxidents which protects the body from free radicals while improving metabolism and breaking down fat quickly.

  • Synephrine – Comes from a bitter orange fruit called zhi shi.  It’s effect is similar to epedra (boosts energy, suppresses appetite and burns fat) but without the nasty side effect of ephedra.

  • DHEA - What’s nice about DHEA is it will stimulate or increase the body’s metabolic rate without the “jitters” side effect.  It’s considered a potent thermogenic enhancer.

Adipril Side Effects

You must be 18 years or older to order Adipril. The ingredients in the Adipril formulation are not harmful in themselves. However, the effect of interaction between the various ingredients has not been clinically evaluated. Internet reviews indicate that some users have reported headaches, stomachache, nausea, insomnia, profuse sweating, cramps and increased heart rate.

Adipril Pros

  • Some Adipril’s ingredients have been evaluated in clinical trials and are believed to be safe
  • The company does not endorse automatic enrollment programs
  • The official product website offers a money-back guarantee

Adipril Cons

  • Adipril is relatively expensive for one month’s supply
  • The Adipril formulation does not contain any strong appetite suppressing ingredients like Hoodia or Caralluma
  • Adipril is a propriety blend. Are there high enough doses of the active ingredients for optimal weight loss effectiveness?
  • No details of the manufacturer, the country where Adipril is made or a contact address are given on the website – a red flag.