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Basal Cell Carcinoma

Basal-cell carcinoma is the most common skin cancer and is rarely fatal.Basel cells are responsible for generating new skin cell. Basal-cell carcinoma Generally infects the Basal cells that lies deep in the Epidermis layer of the skin. Ultraviolet radiation exposure is the main cause of this skin cancer. Skin containing this cancer looks like having open sores or read patches. They very rarely spread to other parts of the body but they damages the nearby tissues and cells.Skin surfaces that are exposed to sunlight can have Basal-cell carcinoma. Cancer of basal cells grows very slowly slowly most commonly effects face or nose but it can affect other parts of the body too. People who have fair skin and are older have higher rates of basal cell carcinoma. Its the most frequent cancer that effects US and an estimated about 2.8 million cases of this cancer is diagnosed every year in US. Protecting skin from UV radiation or sunlight exposure can lower down the risk of getting this cancer.

Basal-Cell Carcinoma Causes

This Skin cancer usually affects the skin parts that are exposed to sunlight. Among the most cases of skin cancer 70% cases are of Basal- Cell Cancer. Skin area of like face, ear, lips, nose, neck, arms scalp, shoulder and back can affected by basal-cell cancer. Old people generally gets skin cancer since they may have weak immune systems. Basal-cell cancer occurs on the topmost layer of the skin.

Some of the main causes for this cancer can be -

  • The main reason till now is exposure to the sunlight.People living in the areas that receive high levels of UV radiation from the sun are more likely to develop skin cancer.
  • Medications that needs radiation therapies
  • Blue, green or grey eyes
  • Red hairs or Blond hairs
  • Weak Immune system
  • Long-term exposure to x-rays
  • Coming in contact with chemicals like arsenic, asphalt etc
  • Genetic or due to heredity
  • Moles on the body

Basal-Cell Cancer are more common in older people who are above 40 but it can happen to younger also. Early Identification and treatment can prevent you from its severe form that could be fatal but are also very rare. People who had this Skin cancer and had been treated , the cancer can again affect them on the same skin area so have regular check ups of your skin. Basal-Cell Cancer can reoccur on nose and face skin. Doctors will generally will change the treatment if it arrives again .Mohs micrographic surgery, is very effective surgery for the recurrences of the cancer and is the best option to prevent cancer to come again.

Basal-Cell Carcinoma Symptoms

Basal Cell Carcinoma usually begins as a bump in the area that are exposed to the skin and is covered by blood vessels called telangiectases. The skin texture often seems to be shiny and translucent. This cancer grows Slowly and is generally painless. Skin is not as a normal way it looks like the discolored patch of skin is scaly and can be of reddish brown in appearance. Some of the common symptoms of the Basal-cell Carcinoma are-

  • Bump on the skin that is shining and pearly white
  • Scaly and colored patch
  • Scar that is waxy
  • Sore in the skin that is not healing from long time and often bleeds
  • Sore repeatedly oozes and grows
  • The patch or the scar grows slowly slowly
  • Blood vessels can be seen easily around the patches
  • Middle of the sore is crater like deep in the center
  • Skin bumps or moles that bleeds.
  • It affects area like ear, nose back and grows very slowly and takes year or months to grow

Basal -Cell Carcinoma Prevention

Basal-Cell Carcinoma Can be treated easily if it is detected in the early stages. But prevention is always better and best than to cure. If one has been detected of this cancer than its good as it can be cured easily in early detections. But the Basal Cell cancer can reoccur so one must take various preventive ,measures so as to prevent it from coming back. Exposure of the skin to the UV radiation of the sunlight is the main reason of this cancer so best option to prevent is to avoid exposure to sunlight to maximum. Some of the measures one can take are-

  • Avoid sunlight exposure between day time as the sun rays are its peak at that time and the UV rays can effect your skin . Its not that like you have to completely avoid the sunlight exposure. During morning sun rays are harmless and helps our body to produce Vitamin D and is useful but only in morning time.
  • Tanning should be avoided
  • Whenever you go outside wear clothing's that are of darker color and cover you skin to maximum
  • Use sunscreen creams of good quality and of good SPF(sun protection factor) of minimum 20.
  • Even in cloudy days protect yourself from sun rays
  • Should go for regular checkups of the skin
  • For those who have been cured from this cancer should strictly follow the preventive measures as it can reoccur also and should also go for regular checkups.
  • Sunburns can also lead to cancer so avoid sunburns, as sunburn skin are more prone to the cancer
  • Avoid using sunbeds and sunlamps

As this cancer can be treated its best to prevent whatever diseases may be. Affected people should avoid sun exposures and should follow these measures in their life. If you see any changes in your skin pattern or in color , or injury that is not healing from long time you should immediately consult doctor.

Basal-Cell Carcinoma Treatment

Basal- Cell Carcinoma is Curable  in early stages and there are various methods of treatment and treatments varies in the location of the cancer on the skin, its severity  and type of cancer. To detect the Basal- Cell- Carcinoma Cancer the only method that is used is Skin Biopsy, once confirmed of the cancer the treatment is started . Following are treatment options that are used to cure Basal-Cell Carcinoma Cancer-

Surgical Excision - Surgical is one of the good option for treatment of Basal-Cell-Treatment. The area that has tumor is numbed by the anesthesia and the the surgeon cut outs the skin and healthy skin nearby it to ensure that the tumorous cells are completely taken out of the skin. The area that has been cut out is then covered with the stitches and the skin that has been removed is sent to the laboratory to testify that all the fatal tumor cell are completely removed from the skin. This can be done when the skin area that is affected is larger and the success rate of this treatment is 90%.

Mohs Micro-graphic Surgery-  Mohs Surgery is the best option today available for the treatment of Skin cancer. It has the highest success rate of the curing the cancer as compared to all the treatment available. Its also known as Chemo-surgery.The cure rate with Mohs surgery cited by most studies is between 97% and 99.8% . Its a very precise technique that follow layer by layer of tissue cancer removal. The affected skin area is kept numb and one layer tissue is removed and checked for the treatment, the process is followed until the next layer is found completely tumor cell free. The layer of the skin that are removed in process are thoroughly checked by the surgeon under microscope. Mohs micro-graphic surgery is preferred when the its large basal-cell- carcinoma , those which reoccur frequently, tumors that are deep and fast growing. This treatment removes the tumor completely from the skin.

Curettage and Electrodesiccation- In this treatment curette a round instrument is used to scrape the cancerous skin and then the skin is burned with an electric needle that helps in destroying the remaining fatal cells in the skin and also helps in stopping the bleeding. The process is repeated until the tumor less skin is find. The treatment is best fro small area of skin affected by cancer tumors.The success rate of this treatment is that of the surgical excision.

Radiotherapy or Radiation- Radiation treatment is done when somehow surgical treatment is not possible like in adults and those with poor immune system and health condition. In this treatment the affected area is projected by X-rays directly on the tumor without cutting the skin. For complete removal of the cancer cells the procedure is followed for various weeks. But the treatment can have side effects of radiation . Radiotherapy are also done after the surgical treatment to ensure that it dies not reoccur on the skin back. Success rate of treatment is around 85-90%.

Photodynamic Treatment- In PDT or photo-dynamic therapy the skin tumors are treated with light to destroy the cancerous cells in the skin. A cream is used before projecting light on the skin , the cream makes the skin sensitive to the light and then the light is projected on it which destroys the cancerous cells and do little damage to the surrounding tissues. Patients become light sensitive after the treatment and are advised to stay away from the sunlight after the treatment to 48 hours. The success rate of this treatment is about 70-90%.

Cryosurgery- In this treatment the skin area is freezed.Liquid Nitrogen is applied on the skin without cutting the skin.Freezing makes the tumor cells to die . The area becomes crusted and scabbed, and usually falls off within weeks. It is best option for those who have bleeding disease. The tumor cells that are not extended deeper in the skin can be treated by this method.

Topical Treatment- Imiquimod is a cream that can be used to treat basal cell carcinoma cancer. It boosts the immune system to attack the cancer cells. The success rate of the treatment is 80-90%. The cream is rubbed on the skin that is affected once every day. Itching and redness on the skin can be side effects of this cream. It avoid surgery so there is no need of cutting the skin.

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