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About BH Fitness

The BH Fitness division was created in the 1960s to respond to a growing demand for quality fitness equipment and now exports to more than 65 countries throughout all five continents. BH Fitness focuses on providing quality, leading-edge technology for the complete spectrum of customer needs, from the causal exercise enthusiast to the 24 hour a day health club. Combined with certified ISO 9001 facilities, dedicated quality assurance and innovative research & development teams - BH Fitness continues to be an industry leader focused on continuous improvement and exceeding expectations.

History of BH Fitness

  • 1909 Beistegui Hermanos S.A. company was founded, more commonly known as BH, initially dedicated to the weapons industry
  • 1919 With the end of First World War and having gained significant experience in steel treatments, BH refocused their manufacturing know-how to bicycles
  • 1975 The first exercise machines are produced, specifically static exercise bicycles.
  • 1980: BH becomes the first company to introduce a vibrating exercise bicycle (“Vibrocycle”)
  • 1985 The company Exercycle S.A. is formed with the aim of centering production on the growing demand for home exercise equipment. The company began as an independent factory with its sights set on exports
  • 1987: BH becomes the first company to introduce the electronic monitor on its products for Europe
  • 1988: Introduction of a new adjustable hydraulic system for rowing machines
  • 1990: BH becomes the first company with displays that provide simultaneous readouts of basic functions (distance, calories burned, time, speed)
  • 1992: BH introduces the world’s first home exercise bicycle with a magnetic braking system
  • 1995: BH introduces the use of aluminum for home products
  • 1996: BH manufactures the first European Spinning Bike
  • 1997: BH uses an AC motor with variable speed control for professional treadmills, providing greater reliability
  • 2006 Taiwan BH Asia Ltd. was formed to cover the Pacific Rim markets including Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Australia
  • 2007 Bladez is acquired and becomes BH North America

BH Fitness Products

Home Cardio

  • BH TS1 Treadmill
  • BH TS2 Treadmill
  • BH TS4Treadmill
  • BH TS5 Treadmill
  • BH XS1 Elliptical
  • BH XS3 Elliptical
  • BH XS5 Elliptical
  • BH XS8 Elliptical
  • BH RS3 Bikes
  • BH RS5 Bikes
  • BH RS8 Bikes
  • BH HS8 Bikes
  • BH VS5 Vibrator

Commercial Cardio

  • BH T6 Sport Treadmill
  • BH T6Pro Treadmill
  • BH T8Sport Treadmill
  • BH T8Pro Treadmill
  • BH LK590 Treadmill
  • BH LK790 Treadmill
  • BH X8 Elliptical
  • BH Lk520 Elliptical
  • BH SE4 Elliptical
  • BH R8 Bikes
  • BH C8 Bikes
  • BH LK540 Bikes
  • BH Lk550 Bikes
  • BH LK570 Bikes
  • BH SB2 Cycle
  • BH LK580 Rower
  • BH LK510 Vibrator
  • BH XT1010 Strength
  • BH XT1050 Strength
  • BH XT1070 Strength
  • BH XT1090 Strength
  • BH XT1310 Strength
  • BH XT1130 Strength
  • BH XT1230 Strength
  • BH XT1270 Strength
  • BH Vibration Advanced Body Platform
  • BH Vibration VibroBOOST

BH Fitness Product Support

  • Product Registration: You have to register the product within 30 days of purchase
  • Manuals: Product manuals are provided in PDF format .you can download them.

BH Fitness Contact Details

BH Fitness North America
20155 Ellipse. Foothill Ranch, CA 92610
T: 949.206.0330
F: 949.206.0350

Customer Support
Domestic (U.S. and Canada)
T: 949.206.0330
F: 949.206.0013

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