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Bodycraft F660 Linear Bearing Hip Sled

Bodycraft F660 Linear Bearing Hip Sled is used for making leg muscles strong and tough. It is easy to use and works smoothly. It is built for the tough workout with heavy gauge steel and industrial grade linear bearings which makes it to run smoothly and continuously for long time.

Bodycraft F660 Linear Bearing Hip Sled Features

  • Fully Adjustable - Different angles of both upper and lower foot plates helps to accommodate different size users provides a perfect comfort level.
  • Space Efficient - It has a superb feature of adjustable squat shoulder pads. It helps in accomodation of other users and make the machine a space efficient.
  • Unique Donkey Squat / Calf Raise Pad - BodyCraft F660 Hip Sled has this pad for squats and calf raises by pressing with lower lumbar, so relieves spinal compression. As a result it increases the variety of exercises.
  • Super Heavy Duty - It is built to the same specifications as a full blown Club use leg press, the F660 Hip Sled is rated for use up to 1000 pounds.