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BodyCraft, a premier fitness equipment manufacturer is founded by Alan Gore and Randy Lundquist in 1994. BodyCraft is started to deliver a quality productwith superb prices at minimal costs to the consumer. BodyCraft main focus on making products which make workout a fun and motivating session. BodyCraft is serious about safety in exercise so that it provides 'A' class equipment in safety, variety, ergonomic designs, and affordability. BodyCraft equipments are last long and has great tensile strength. BodyCraft do not compromise in quality for price. Its product comes with superb waranty. Many of their ideas are proprietary and protected by patents. Bodycraft will continue to lead and help the world be a healthier place!

BodyCraft Products

  • Platinum Home Gyms
    • Elite Strength Training System
    • GL Strength Training System
    • GLX Strength Training System
    • GXP Strength Training System
    • PFT Functional Trainer
  • Legacy Home Gyms
    • Galena Pro Strength Training System
    • K1 Strength Training System
    • K2.1 Strength Training System
    • M300 Strength Training System
    • X2 Strength Training System
    • X4 Strength Training System
    • XPress Pro Strength Training System
  • Jones Machines
    • Jones Club
    • Jones Freedom
    • Jones Light Commercial
    • Jones Platinum
  • Free Weights Equipment
    • F320 F / I / D Bench
    • F430 Power Rack
    • F602 Flat/Incline/Decline Utility Bench
    • F603 Flat / Incline Utility Bench
    • F660 Linear Bearing Hip Sled
    • F670 Hyperextension / Roman Chair
    • Jones Club
    • Jones Freedom
    • Jones Light Commercial
    • Jones Platinum
    • T3 Life Tree
  • Free Weights Equipment
    • Functional Training Equipment
    • Jones Club
    • Jones Freedom
    • Jones Light Commercial
    • Jones Platinum
    • PFT Functional Trainer
    • T3 Life Tree
  • Rowing Machines
    • VR100 Rowing Machine
  • Bikes
    • R18 Semi-Recumbent Exercise Bike
    • R25 Semi-Recumbent Exercise Bike
    • SPL Indoor Cycle
    • SPM Indoor Training Cycle
    • SPT Indoor Club Group Cycle
    • SPX Indoor Training Cycle

BodyCraft Contact Details:

BodyCraft is a division of Recreation Supply, Inc.
PO Box 181
65 E. Granville St.
Sunbury, OH 43074

Phone: 800-990-5556 - 740-965-2442
Fax: 740-965-2449
Email: -