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Bremshey Sport is part of Accell Fitness, a worldwide leader in the fitness equipment market. Bremshey Sport is only available through recognised Bremshey Sport specialists. The word “specialist” says it all, so for good advice and service, go along to your local Bremshey Sport specialist.Some of the popular products of Bremshey Sport are: Elliptical Crosstrainers, treadmills, Exercise Bike, Row, Total body workout fitness equipments and exercise machines, Sprint, Senso.

Accell Group is an international group of companies active in the design, development, production, marketing and sales of innovative, high-quality bicycles, bicycle parts and accessories and fitness equipment. The Accell Group brands have a clear and recognizable added value for consumers; the long tradition they hold in their respective markets often plays an important role.

Well known brands such as Batavus, Bremshey, Hercules, Koga-Miyata, Lapierre, Loekie, Mercier, Redline, Sparta, Staiger, Tunturi and Winora give the companies strong positions in the mid and upper segments of the market. Consumer sales take place primarily via the specialized retail trade.

Accell Group has production locations in the Netherlands, Germany, Finland, France and Hungary.

Bremshey Exercise Bikes

  • Bremshey Ambition Recumbent Exercise Bike
  • Bremshey Be5 Exercise Bike
  • Bremshey Be7 Exercise Bike
  • Bremshey Bf3 Exercise Bike
  • Bremshey Br3 Exercise Bike
  • Bremshey Br5 Exercise Bike
  • Bremshey Br7 Exercise Bike
  • Bremshey Bs7 Exercise Bike
  • Bremshey Control Exercise Bike
  • Bremshey Pacer Exercise Bike
  • Bremshey Pacer Recumbent Exercise Bike
  • Bremshey Sprinter Control Exercise Bike

Bremshey Ellipticals

  • Bremshey Cr3 Home Elliptical Cross Trainer
  • Bremshey Cf5 Elliptical Cross Trainer
  • Bremshey Cf7 Elliptical Cross Trainer
  • Bremshey Cr7 Elliptical Cross Trainer
  • Bremshey Cr5 Home Elliptical Cross Trainer
  • Bremshey Cf3 Elliptical Cross Trainer

Bremshey Treadmills

  • Bremshey Ambition Treadmill
  • Bremshey Path Treadmill
  • Bremshey Rn2 Treadmill
  • Bremshey Rn3 Treadmill
  • Bremshey Rn5 Treadmill
  • Bremshey Rn7 Treadmill
  • Bremshey Scout Treadmill
  • Bremshey Tour Treadmill
  • Bremshey Trail Treadmill