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Cemco Fitness

About Cemco Fitness

For over 35 years, Cemco has designed, manufactured and supplied premium components to the nation's largest manufacturers of commercial gym equipment. As the market for gym equipment had grown exponentially in the last 15 years, so have the demands for innovative Design and the timely production of fitness components to satisfy the ever increasing consumer appetite. Cemco has met that challenge as is demonstrated by its exclusive development of the Steel Composite Selector Weight Stacks and the Steel Dumbbell. For example, Cemco is the leading supplier of Steel Dumbbells to some of the largest equipment manufactures and Health Facilities throughout the world.

Cemco currently occupies 15,000 square feet of buildings in which it manufactures and assembles fitness components. The Cemco work force consists of employees who are experienced and well trained.
Weight Stacks, Professional Dumbbells, Barbells (Steel, Rubber, Cast Iron & Urethane) and Power Grip Olympic Plates. Cemco is the leading manufacturer of HARD Chrome products

Cemco Fitness Products

Cemco Fitness Barbell

  • Pro-Style Barbells (PSB-I)
  • Pro-Style Barbells - Rubber (PSB-R)
  • Pro-Style Barbells - Urethane (PSB-U)
  • Solid Steel Barbells (SB)

Cemco Fitness Dumbbells

  • Pro-Style Dumbbells - Cast Iron (PSD-I)
  • Pro-Style Dumbbells - Rubber (PSD-R)
  • Pro-Style Dumbbells - Urethane (PSD-U)
  • Solid Steel Dumbbells (SD)
  • Rubber Encased Solid Steel Dumbbells (SD-R)
  • Urethane Encased Solid Steel Dumbbells (SD-U)

Cemco Fitness Free Weight

  • Olympic Bars - 7ft. Black Oxide (OB-B)
  • Olympic Bars - 7ft. HARD Chrome (OB-HC)
  • Olympic Bars - 5ft. Black Oxide (OB-5-B)
  • Olympic Bars - 5ft. HARD Chrome (OB-5-HC)
  • Olympic Bars - 52" HARD Chrome (OCB-HC)
  • Olympic Bars - 52" Black Oxide (OCB-B)
  • Power Grip Olympic Plates - Cast Iron (CPG-I)
  • Power Grip Olympic Plates - Rubber (CPG-R)
  • Power Grip Olympic Plates - Urethane (CPG-U)
  • JADE Olympic Grip Plates - (JGP-I)
  • JADE Olympic Grip Plates - Rubber (JGP-R)
  • Steel Composite Weight Stacks (SCWS)

Cemco Fitness Product Support

  • Warranties: A limited lifetime warranty applies to Cemco's Solid Steel Dumbbells, Solid Steel Barbells and Olympic Bars. Chipping of painted finish on Solid Steel products is considered normal wear and is not covered under warranty.
  • Order change /cancellation: All orders changed or cancelled after 48 hours of ordering will be subject to a 15% material re-direct charge. Once an order ships, it cannot be cancelled. In no case is product to be returned without CEMCO'S prior authorization. Returned product must be securely packed and shipped prepaid to CEMCO. A re-stocking charge of 15% will apply.

Cemco Fitness Contact Address

P.O. Box 3036 – 2453
Chico Ave. - So.
El Monte - CA - 91733-0036
Telephone (800) 782-6377 (626) 442-2295
Fax (626) 444-5157