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About Cybex

CYBEX is a leading fitness manufacturer of premium exercise equipment designed to improve physical well being, function and performance. Based on a sports medicine and rehabilitation heritage, CYBEX leverages its expertise in exercise science to provide
innovative and technologically differentiated products and programs.

History of Cybex

  • Originally cybex was a division of lumex, Inc. a therapeutic health and hospital products company that acquired the patent for the first CYBEX product, an isokinetic testing device, in 1970. Lumex manufactured performance measurement and rehabilitation systems, cybex as a brand name.
  • In 1981 lumex relocated the lumex division to Ronkonkoma, New York so as to move into Fitness and Medical markets. In 1983 Lumex acquired Eagle Performance Systems (a fitness equipment manufacturer based in Owatonna, Minnesota) and established itself as a supplier of variable resistance strength systems to health clubs.
  • In 1980 lumex launched a stationary bicycle, rower, upper-body ergo meter and CYBEX Strength Systems. The CYBEX brand’s international presence expanded and developed in the late 1980’s with sales agents in more than 40 countries.
  • In 1995, Lumex sold its medical supply business and changed its name to CYBEX.
  • In 1997 Cybex merged with Trotter inc (founded by an engineer , Edward Trotter ) in link with treadmills. In late 1997, CYBEX decided to focus even more strategically on equipment for the fitness industry.
  • In 1998 CYBEX acquired Tectrix, a California-based manufacturer of primarily bikes and steppers. Production of bikes and other Tectrix Cardiovascular products was ultimately moved to Medway. In an expansion of the company's international presence, in 2001 CYBEX acquired Forza, the prior CYBEX dealer in the United Kingdom. This acquisition established direct sales and distribution in the UK. CYBEX has distributors in 87 countries around the globe.
  • Now a manufacturer of strength, treadmills, bikes and steppers, in 2002 CYBEX introduced the revolutionary Arc Trainer – a unique offering in the elliptical category. The Arc Trainer and all strength training equipment are built in the state-of-the-art CYBEX plant in Owatonna, near Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • In 2011 CYBEX introduced the 770T, the latest in a complete line of premium treadmills. Cardio equipment, including both the upright and recumbent exercise bikes, is manufactured in the Medway plant near Boston, Massachusetts.

Cybex is continuing growing in road of manufacturing world class equipments and currently offers over 175 individual fitness machines.The company is listed on the NASDAQ and trades as CYBI.

Cybex Fitness Products

  • Cybex Bravo 8800-10-30-40 All-in-one
  • Cybex Bravo 18010 Press
  • Cybex Bravo 18020 Pull
  • Cybex Bravo 18030 Lift
  • Cybex 18000 Ft-325
  • Cybex Treadmill 770t
  • Cybex Treadmill 750t
  • Cybex Treadmill 625t
  • Cybex Treadmill Total Access 750T IFI
  • Cybex Treadmill LCX 425T
  • Cybex Free Weight 16250 Twin Tier Dumbbell Rack
  • Cybex Free Weight 16255 Three Tier Dumbbell Rack
  • Cybex Free Weight 16140 Weight Tree
  • Cybex Free Weight 16141 Weight Tree With Bar Storage
  • Cybex Free Weight 16260 Barbell Rack
  • Cybex Free Weight 16240 Power Cage
  • Cybex Big Iron 19000 9' & 8' Half Rack
  • Cybex Big Iron 19020 9' & 8' Multi Rack
  • Cybex Big Iron 19040 9' & 8' Power Rack
  • Cybex Big Iron 19060 9' & 8' Combo Rack
  • Cybex Big Iron 19150 Platform With Insert
  • Cybex Big Iron 19160 Platform With Insert
  • Cybex Big Iron 19170 Dual Platforms With Center Insert

Cybex Strength

  • Selectorized
    -EAGLE: Premiere Line
    -VR3 : Preferred Lines
    -VR1 : Value plus Lines
    V -r1 Duals : Space Saver
  • Functional trainers
    -Bravo Functional Training System
    -FT- 325
  • Multi- Stations
    -Multi gym
    -Jungle gym
  • Plate loaded and free weights
    - Plate load
    - free weights
    - big iron series

Cybex Products Support

CYBEX has an international service support team with factory trained authorized service personnel on 6 continents and in over 70 countries.
  • Parts/ ordering- We have detailed diagrams of CYBEX equipment assemblies which help you identify just what part you are looking for. Then — order it right on-line. Or call us and we'll help you determine what is needed.
  • Order tracking- If you have placed an order for CYBEX products and would like to find out the status, you will need to log-in to a secure site.

Cybex Contact Details

Phone: 1-888-462-9239 or 774-324-8000.
Sales Representatives are available Monday thru Friday from 8:30 am - 5:00 pm EST.

Cybex Mailing address:
Cybex International
Inside Sales Department
10 Trotter Drive
Medway, MA 02053

Cybex International Sales Inquiries
Contact Our International Sales Department:
T: 774-324-8207
F: 508-533-5500

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