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DEcarb is a leading carb blocker in the world of popular weight loss supplements.By reducing the amount of carbs your body eats (by up to an amazing 66%!), you can force your body to start using its fat stores sooner, as your body will not be able to use carbohydrates for short term energy use.

DEcarb Ingredients

DEcarb contains PhaseLite™ (Phaseolus vulgaris), a natural glycoprotein complex made from white kidney bean that are said to reduce calorie intake by 25% by blocking up to 66 per cent of dietary carbohydrates eaten.

DEcarb Dosage

The suggested dosage is 2 pills before every meal. That means if you take 3 meals a day, 60 pills would last for only 10 days.

DEcarb Side Effects

Not many side effects are reported with the use of DEcarb. Some people say that it causes nausea and stomach cramping and others experience excess flatulence. Most people can use DEcarb without any problems, however.

DEcarb Storage

Dacarb tablet should be stored in room temperature and away from the reach of children and pets.