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Dirgha Pranayama

Dirgha is a Sanskrit word that means long. In this pranayama we take long and deep breathe. It is safe and highly recommended for pregnant women and women trying to conceive. Deep Dirgha breathing will oxygenate your blood, expel carbon dioxide from your lungs, and fully relax your mind and body. This pranayama teaches how to fill the three chambers of the lungs with a good supply of oxygen.

Dirgha Pranayama Procedure

  • Sit with your spine erect and inhale slowly. Draw air deep into the low belly by drawing air deep into the lower lungs. Then you exhale and allow the belly drop and deflate like a balloon. Repeat this several times.
  • In the second part of breathing, inhale into your belly as done before, but expand the mid- chest region by allowing the rib cage to open outward to the sides. After this, exhale and repeat it many times.
  • In the third part of breathing, when you inhale air into lower lungs, then mid-chest region, continue to inhale till the clavicular region or the upper chest opens. Then exhale and repeat.
  • Then inhale into all the three chambers of lungs as one continuous flow.

Benefits of Dirgha Pranayama

  • It helps in preventing from diseases and illnesses such as the burnout syndrome, hysteria and even stress-caused headaches and migraine.
  • It makes lung stronger and more functional and healthy.
  • Helps in relaxing the body and make it stress free and boosting body energy.
  • Menstruating women get relief with this pranayama.
  • Constipation can be cured.

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