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Dysplastic Nevi

Dysplastic Nevi or Atypical Mole is a mole that is different from common mole . These moles are irregular and are larger than common moles. Color of these mole can be pink, red or brown.Dysplastic nevi can happen on any body part but are most commonly found on the trunks and calves.Melanoma which is a serious skin cancer can be caused by these Dysplastic Nevi than ordinary moles. The chance of Atypical mole over the common mole to develop into skin cancer is more. The higher the no of these moles in a body the higher is the risk to get skin cancer.These moles appear on the body parts that are exposed to the sun-rays. Its not necessary that these moles leads to the skin cancer but larger the number of Atypical mole greater are the chances to get skin cancer.

Dysplastic Nevi Causes

Dysplastic Nevi are moles that are different from common moles. People having moles on their body in large numbers may get these moles. As such which factors causes these moles are not found but some of the reasons that causes these Dysplastic Nevi are-

  • Heredity
  • Sunexposure leads to formation of Atypical Moles
  • Sun exposure can make these moles to spread to others part of the body
  • People with Family history of Melanoma are more prone to have atypical moles

People with Dysplastic Moles are at more risk in developing Malignant Melanoma Skin cancer.

Dysplastic Nevi Symptoms

Moles that are irrregular and of different colors than an ordinary mole can be Atypical mole. These moles are scaly and larger in size and gives itching sensations. Symtomps can be seen by the ABCDE of the mole i.e.

  • Assymetrical
  • Border is irregular
  • Color varies like pink, red, brown
  • Diameter is larger than common moles
  • Evolution means tumo is growing

The atypical mole cracks and bleeds often.Normal or common moles also itches . So if you have such symptoms you can comsult a good dermatologist. Larger the numbers of these moles greater will be risk to develop Malignant Melanoma.

Dysplastic Nevi Prevention

Dysplastic Nevi can be due to heredity or by sunrays exposure as such there are no prventive measures from getting atypical mole. But various preventive measures can be taken to develop skin cancer such as-

  • Avoid sunlight exposure between day time as the sun rays are its peak at that time and the UV rays can effect your skin .
  • Tanning should be avoided
  • Avoid using sunbeds and sunlamps
  • Go for regular check ups of your skin
  • Start treatment if the atypical nevi is found in the body as it can develope to skin cancer

Dysplastic Nevi Treatment

Its not necessary that people with Dysplastic Moles can have cancer. These moles can have surgerys but these are challenging one. Since developing of these moles to tumours are very rare surgery is often not recomended. People with these moles should take preventive measures as not to have sun exposures. They should go for regular checkups to dermatologists

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