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About EVO Fitness

Evo Fitness is a subsidiary of They have been in the fitness equipment business for over 20 years and have been selling on the Internet for 8 years. Evo offer top-rated Fitness treadmills, home gyms and elliptical trainers through our network of specialty fitness stores. In addition, they are the largest seller of quality treadmills online with EVO and Smooth Fitness equipment.

Their products have received numerous ratings and reviews. Below is a partial list of independent groups and businesses that have reviewed our products.

Laurels of EVO Fitness
  • Men's Health Magazine - "Gear of the Year"
  • Runner's World Magazine - Ranked as Top Ten Treadmill
  • Prevention Magazine - Called "Best Bargain"
  • - Average 4-5 star rating (5 is the highest)
  • - Ranked "Positive" in all categories of service and product quality.
  • - (2) "Best Buy" ratings and "Budget Buy" rating.
  • - "Top Pick" - budget treadmill and mid-range
  • - "Best Treadmills"

EVO Fitness Products

  • Evo Fitness Fx25 Treadmill
  • Evo Fitness Fx30 Treadmill
  • Evo Fitness Fx40-hr Treadmill
  • Evo Fitness Fx60-hro Treadmill
  • Evo Fitness 3i Treadmill
  • Evo Fitness 1 Treadmill
  • Evo Fitness Rev-600 Elliptical Trainer
  • Evo Fitness Rev-400 Elliptical Trainer
  • Evo Fitness Rev-300 Elliptical Trainer

EVO Fitness Product Support

  • ProductManuals: user manuals of the products are provided as how to use them

  • Product Registration: In order to validate your warranty, you must submit your Warranty Card and/or this on-line form within 30 days

EVO Fitness Contact Address

You can contact EVO by filling the given form and giving your phone no and email id, your location and they will contact you .