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About FMI America

For over twenty years, Fitness Master Inc has been manufacturing fitness equipment for some of the biggest names in the business. Now, they offer customers a direct product line that offers the best of both worlds the highest quality equipment, tested and engineered by one of the largest and most experienced fitness related equipment manufacturers in the world, coupled with a pricing plan that represents true value. Their penchant for design shows in every product we make. Their fitness equipment is not only engineered and tested to be the best, it is also easy to use and stylish.

Fitness Master Products

FMI manufacture their products in two brands
  • Fitnex B55sg Upright Exercise Bike
  • Fitnex B70 Upright Exercise Bike
  • Fitnex R40-s Recumbent Exercise Bike
  • Fitnex R70 Recumbent Exercise Bike
  • Fitnex X Series Momentum Bike
  • Fitnex X Series Velocity Bike
  • Fitnex X5 Kids Exercise Bike
  • Steelflex Aristo Cs2 Indoor Bike
  • Steelflex Aristo Cr-sg Recumbent Bike
  • Steelflex Aristo Cb-sg Bike
  • Fitnex Abcore Junior
  • Fitnex Aerobic Step
  • Steelflex Megapower Chest Press Machine (mbp-100)
  • Steelflex Megapower Leg Extension Machine (mle-200)
  • Steelflex Megapower Lat Pull-down Machine (mlm-300)
  • Steelflex Megapower Leg Curl Machine (mlc-400)
  • Steelflex Megapower Leg Press (mlp-500)
  • Steelflex Megapower Pec Fly Machine (mpd-700)
  • Steelflex Megapower Shoulder Press (msp-800)
  • Steelflex Megapower Incline Press (mip-1400)
  • Steelflex Megapower Back Extension (mbk-1600)
  • Steelflex Megapower Seated Row (mrm-1700)
  • Steelflex Megapower Dual Cable Column And Chin-up / Dip Machine Mdc-2000
  • Steelflex Megapower 3d High Low Pulley Machine (m3dhl)
  • Steelflex Megapower 3d Chest Machine (m3dfc)
  • Steelflex Megapower 3d Back Row Machine (m3dbr)
  • Steelflex Plbp 100 Bench Press
  • Steelflex Pllc 400 Leg Curl
  • Steelflex Plip 1400 Incline Press
  • Steelflex Plsr 1700 Seated Row
  • Steelflex Plbc Bicep Curl
  • Steelflex Plla Lat Pull Down
  • Steelflex Plsc Seated Calf
  • Steelflex Plte Tricep Extension
  • Steelflex Hydraulic Chest Press Machine Cbp300
  • Steelflex Hydraulic Leg Extension Machine Cle500
  • Steelflex Hydraulic Triceps Press Down Machine Cac700
  • Steelflex Hydraulic Side Bending Machine Ceo200
  • Steelflex Hydraulic Leg Press Machine Clp600
  • Steelflex Hydraulic Biceps Curl Machine Cbc400
  • Steelflex Hydraulic Pec Dec Fly Machine Cpd800
  • Steelflex Hydraulic Shoulder Press Machine Csp900
  • Steelflex Hydraulic Abdominal Crunch Machine Cab1000
  • Steelflex Hydraulic Hip Abduction & Adduction Machine Cth1100

FMI America Benches

  • Steelflex Neo Utility Stool Nst
  • Steelflex Neo Flat Bench Nfb
  • Steelflex Neo Flat/incline/decline Bench Nfid
  • Steelflex Nrch Glute Ham Bench

FMI Product Support

  • SALES ENQUIRY: You can enquire about the product by asking question

  • PRODUCT WARRANTY REGISTRATION: Here you can register your product so that they can serve you better on your problems,register within 30 days of purchase.

  • WARRANTY INFORMATION : Information details regarding warranty period of various products are given.

FMI Contact Address

Fitness Master Inc.
11419 Mathis #200
Farmers Branch, Texas 75234
TEL: 214.350.8884 FAX: 214.350.8876

  • Northeastern
    Curt Rittler 215-822-3323 (MFG Sales Rep)
  • Midwest
    Pete Rago 269-208-0030 (MFG Sales Rep)
  • Canada
    David Taylor 732-517-0217 (MFG Sales Rep)
  • Western
    Rich Rozek 310-691-9019 (MFG Sales Rep)
  • Western
    Alonzo Rios 214-350-8884 ( Inside Sales )
  • Eastern
    Emmett Bradford 214-350-8884 ( Inside Sales )

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