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Freemotion Epic Olympic Decline Bench

A FreeMotion Olympic Decline Bench is, and can best be described as follows: An Olympic Decline Bench is a free weight bench that is angled downward to elevate the pelvis and lower the head, often with rollers to brace the feet, and it is designed to assist in performing upper body exercises that work the Chest and Deltoid muscles using weights and barbells. An Olympic Decline Bench is comprised of two vertical posts with bar catchers for holding and loading an Olympic bars or barbells and can also come with plate storage systems.

FreeMotion EPIC Olympic Decline Bench Specifications

Product Code:F215
Dimensions:81" x 67" x 45"
Weighs: 250 lbs
Warranty :10 Years Structural Frame, 3 Years Bearings, Guide Rods, Pulleys, Weight Stacks, 1 Year Cables, 1 Year Labor, 120 Days Upholstery & Handles/Accessories.

FreeMotion EPIC Olympic Decline Bench Features

+ Adjustable Leg Pads

To accommodate a wide variety of users, leg pad adjusts in 10 settings.

+ Y-shaped Frame

Unique shape of frame allows spotter close proximity to lifter for safety spotting.

+ Shin Pads

Contoured shin pads slide to fit a wide variety of users and roll for additional comfort.

+ Declined Backrest

Set at a 15-degree angle to target the muscles of the lower chest.

+ Plate Load Design

Attached plate racks are positioned near the bar for easy loading.

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