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Freemotion Epic Olympic Flat Bench

A FreeMotion Olympic Flat Bench is, and can best be described as follows: An Olympic Flat Bench is a free weight bench used to perform upper body exercises with weights and barbells, such as Bench Presses, and exercises performed primarily work the Pectoral and Deltoid muscles. An Olympic Flat Bench is comprised of two vertical posts with bar catchers for holding and loading an Olympic bar or barbell, with an attached flat bench between them, and can also come with plate storage systems.
Product Code:F202
Dimensions:62in L x 66in W x 51in H
Weighs: 260 lbs
Warranty :10 Years Structural Frame, 3 Years Bearings, Guide Rods, Pulleys, Weight Stacks, 1 Year Cables, 1 Year Labor, 120 Days Upholstery & Handles/Accessories.

FreeMotion EPIC Olympic Flat Bench Features

+ Y-shaped Frame

Unique shape of frame allows spotter close proximity to lifter for safer spotting.

+ Multiple Bar Racks

Three rack heights allow for maximum bar clearance and extend width for wide hand positioning.

+ Plate Load Design

Attached plate racks are positioned near the bar for easy plate loading.

+ Bolt-down Holes

For added safety, pieces can be bolted to the floor through predrilled holes.