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Freemotion Epic Olympic Squat Rack

The FreeMotion Commercial EPIC Olympic Squat Rack helps users perform any number of strength-training exercises for a convenient, total body workout. Six rack heights allow for maximum bar clearance and extend the width of the bar for wider hand positioning. Perform squats, lunges, curls and more with and less risk of injury. In fact, the secure and stable EPIC Squat Rack firmly contains a dropped bar for the safety of a smith machine with fewer physical restrictions.

FreeMotion EPIC Olympic Squat Rack Specifications

Product Code:F212
Dimensions: 58in L x 71in W x 72in H
Weighs: 456 lbs
Warranty : 10 Years Structural Frame, 3 Years Bearings, Guide Rods, Pulleys, Weight Stacks, 1 Year Cables, 1 Year Labor, 120 Days Upholstery & Handles/Accessories.

FreeMotion EPIC Olympic Squat Rack Features

+ Safety Catch Bars

Solid steel, chrome plated catch bars adjust in height to allow full range of motion and safely contain a dropped bar.

+ Multiple Bar Racks

Six rack heights allow for maximum bar clearance and extend width for wide hand positioning.

+ Bolt-down Holes

For added safety, pieces can be bolted to the floor through predrilled holes.

+ Kick Plates

Made of 16-gauge, stainless steel, kick plates protect equipment for long-life and durability.