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Freemotion Epic Smith Machine

The FreeMotion Commercial EPIC Smith Machine allows the user to perform a variety of weight lifting and strength-training exercises safely and effectively. Versatile and well-conceived, the commercial Smith Machine features a walk-through design that permits easy entry and workout access. This convenient design element even facilitates the use of a bench under the bar for multiple exercises.

FreeMotion EPIC Smith Machine Specifications

Product Code:F211
Dimensions: 54in L x 91in W x 95in H / Weighs: 639 lbs
Warranty : 10 Years Structural Frame, 3 Years Bearings, Guide Rods, Pulleys, Weight Stacks, 1 Year Cables, 1 Year Labor, 120 Days Upholstery & Handles/Accessories.

FreeMotion EPIC Smith Machine Features

+ Walk-through Design

Elimination of crossbar allows easy walk-in/workout access and facilitates placing a bench under the bar for multiple exercises.

+ Safety Stops

Ratchet into place prior to lifting and use pop-pin adjustment to lower for quick positioning.

+ Shielded Construction

Cables, linear shafting and safety stop are shielded for safer usability.

+ Extended Travel

With a maximum of 82.5'' of bar height, the Smith exceeds 51'' of squatting and pressing range of motion to accommodate users of various heights.

+ Plate Load Design

Attached plate racks are positioned near the bar for easy plate loading.