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Freemotion Indoor Cycling S11.6 Bike

Innovated for exceptional results, the S11.6 is built with superior geometry, an open design and other essential features that will help your members reach their goals. The S Series accommodates riders from under 5' to over 6'9" and provides a neutral fore/aft position that will quickly and easily position 90% of all users comfortably and efficiently. Designed for the most realistic ride possible, the S Series employs both a perimeter-weighted flywheel and a high gear ratio (4:8:1) to create a consistent, natural feel. With a higher inertia, each pedal stroke is incredibly smooth. Along with corrosion resistant frames, minimal hardware, frontal flywheel access and quick and easy console battery changes, each bike in the S Series was designed with common parts for more convenient maintenance. Through extensive research and testing, these innovative and sophisticated indoor cycling bikes will forever change the way we train. The S11.6 is compatible with both RPM and Power consoles.

FreeMotion Indoor Cycling S11.6 Bike Specifications

Product Code: SKU:FMEX88910
Drive System Chain.
Resistance System Friction with 1 Brake Pad.
Pedal Standard Toe Clip with Strap.
Assembly Hardware Stainless Steel.
Frame Steel Frame + Zinc Plating.
Handlebars 5 lb. Aluminum.
System Inertia High Inertia.
Flywheel Cast Iron Perimeter Weighted.
Pop-Pin Stainless Steel.
Emergency Brake Lever Integrated with Resistance Knob.
Fore/Aft Adjustment Seat.
Maximum User Weight 350 lbs.
Warranty Lifetime Drive Motor & Base Frame, 3 Years Parts Including Belt & Deck, and 3 Years Labor.
Footprint 48" L x 20.1" W x 44.5" H
Other Transport Wheels, 2 Integrated Water Bottle Holders, Vertical Numbering – Horizontal Reference Marks.

FreeMotion Indoor Cycling S11.6 Bike Features

+ Compatible with Power Console and RPM Console

This Indoor Cycle is compatible with two different consoles**. FreeMotion Fitness offers two console options to fit the needs of your gym. The FMPW11 features a direct power (watts) measurement sensor–this console measures the load the rider drives into the system for an accurate, consistent reading, every time. The FMRPM11 is built with an RPM sensor and does not measure direct power.

Both versions are wireless and utilize the fully digital ANT+ communication protocol for highly reliable and consistent communication. Also, consoles feature a USB port for the rider to export their ride data. The workout information is saved in a spreadsheet format. Now, users can measure progress and in turn, achieve their goals faster. ** Console sold separately.

+ Steel Frame with Zinc Plating

The S11.6 frame is zinc electroplated before powder coating, creating two layers of protection to resist rust and wear and tear.

+ Friction Resistance

Featuring a single felt composite brake pad, this friction resistance system requires less maintenance over time than other systems with two pads. For a smoother, more consistent performance, the brake pad is positioned at the perimeter of the flywheel.

+ 2" Fore/Aft Seat Adjustment

Designed for safety and comfort, the fore/aft seat adjustment allows the user a 2" range with a neutral seat position that will fit 90% of all users.

+ Standard Toe Clip with Strap

Ergonomically designed to keep shoes in place, this pedal features a standard toe clip with adjustable strap.

+ Perimeter-Weighted Flywheel

With the weight on the outer edge, the S Series flywheel contributes to a high inertia system, which delivers a smoother riding experience.

+ Open, Step-Through Design

Easier to get on and off, the step-through design is ideal for users of all shapes and sizes.

+ Comfortable Saddle

Ergonomically designed saddle offers both pressure relief and support for the ultimate in user comfort.

+ Durable Chain Drive

Low maintenance and extremely durable, the chain delivers a more realistic and efficient ride.

+ Resistance Knob with Quick-Stop Brake

Conveniently incorporated, the resistance adjustment and quick-stop brake are within easy reach.