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Hair Replacement Systems

Hair replacement systems now solving hair loss problem very fast. Many men and women who are suffering from hair loss starts using hairpiece, rug, wigs or toupee so that they looks good. But as the inventions of more sophisticated construction materials and more research on hair science. There are two types of systems available today in the market.

  • Stock Hair Systems — These type of hair system are very commonly produced. These have some of the most common color graduations and hair loss sizes. They are sold "as is" and off-the-shelf and very inexpensive for a problem like hair loss. However, many people have a more unique (or larger) hair loss pattern than the standard horseshoe shape.
  • Custom Hair Systems — The obvious benefit to a custom system is the level of measurements that are taken for your specific size and pattern of hair loss. Getting an exact color match and organic graduation into your own natural growing hair is also an important detail to achieving an undetectable look.

Attachment of the hair replacement systems

Most of the hair systems whether a stock or custom one, are used clips, glue or tape most for the attachment. Glue (often called bonding adhesive) and tape are used by well over 90% of hair wearers because they both offer a more secure attachment. Most people also believe that using adhesive or tape helps to achieve a more natural appearance.

Hair Replacement