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Isatori Mx-ls7

iSatori MX-LS7 is a considered a “high-performance” weight loss product for men, claiming to be “for men (and brave women) who want chiseled abs.” MX-LS7 iSatori, where scientific integrity and constant innovation never stand still, has taken their original clinically researched Lean System 7 formula and amped up the intensity and thermogenic impact with the most powerful, cutting-edge ingredients known to science to create MX-LS7, Maximum Strength Lean System 7-The High-Performance Fat Burner.

iSatori MX-LS7 Ingredients

  • 7-Keto – A thermogenic compound that has some evidence to suggest it helps significantly in weight reduction.
  • Synephrine – Also known as Citrus Aurantium or Bitter Orange Extract.  
  • Green Tea – We have reviewed Green Tea hundreds of times. It
  • Yerba Mate – Contains a significant amount of caffeine
  • Anhydrous Caffeine – a concentrated form of caffeine

There are some good ingredients here, such as Green Tea, Synephrine, and Caffeine, which all are known to help boost your metabolism and aid in fat-burning.  However, I do not see anything here to justify the claim of “best fat-loss supplement ever” – far from it in fact.  What I see here are common ingredients and a few “patented” compounds made up of other common ingredients.

iSatori MX-LS7 Dosage

As dietary Supplement, Take one serving 3 MX-LS7 capsules twice daily with full glass of water, Approximately 30 minutes before meal and / or Exercise. Do not Exceed 4 MX-LS7 capsules in a 4 hour period. Do not consume MX-LS7 withing 4 hours prior to sleep.

iSatori MX-LS7 Side Effects

This diet pill is definitely not for everyone. The ingredients are extremely powerful and are meant to help build muscle mass while providing extreme amounts of energy. Many users who use it strictly as a dietary supplement say that they felt jittery, restless, and experienced extreme perspiration while they used it.

iSatori MX-LS7 Pros

  • Contains Synephrine, Green Tea
  • 60-day money-back guarantee

iSatori MX-LS7 Cons

  • Over-priced
  • Exact Ingredient Concentration not published