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Ksepana Mudra

This mudra is termed as a gesture of pouring out and letting go. It helps release tensions of all kinds.Ksepana Mudra is a mudra that stimulates elimination through the large intestine, skin and lungs.Without any solitude essential energy can be robbed of and one can become weak, moreover the immune systems can also get compromised with this continuous and unabated onslaught of negative energy.

How To Do

  • Place the index fingers flat against each other. Rest of the fingers is clasped and the finger pads are allowed to rest on the back of one's hands. The practitioner can cross thumbs and place each in the hollow of the other thumb.

Ksepana Mudra Benefits

  • Ksepana Mudra improves exhalation as well as removes expended energies
  • It brings fresh energy and also causes flow out after several breaths
  • This mudra encourages expended or negative energy to flow away, followed by the absorption of fresh and positive energy