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Lipoband is a clinically proven fat binder product produced by a UK based company. Containing the powerful (but natural) fibre complex known as “Litramine” – Lipobind binds to undigested fats in your stomach and allows your digestive system to pass them.

Lipobind Ingredients

Lipobind is made mainly with cactus extract, but also contains these other ingredients: silica, povidone, magnesium stearate (Ph Eur), calcium hydrogen phosphate dehydrate and microcrystalline cellulose.

Lipobind Dosage

The product should be taken at a dose of 1-2 tablets after main meals of the day.

Lipobind Side Effects

Lipobind should not cause dangerous side effects. But most common side effects the users have reported are bloating, stomach cramps, constipation, diarrhea and the less common are headache and nausea.

Lipobind Pros

  • Endorsed by numerous experts and has a large and loyal consumer following.
  • Can be purchased in stores as well as online for as little as £18.68 a box.
  • Unlike many diet pills, it has at least some clinical trials backing it.

Lipobind Cons

  • The scientific evidence for weight loss in humans is still not concrete
  • Unpleasant side effects of LIPObind are similar to Alli
  • A strict low fat diet needs to be followed