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Reebok C5.7e Iwm Cross Trainer

The Reebok C5.7e IWM Cross Trainer has a 25-400 watt resistance control which works independently of RPM, with the 5 individually set training programmes allowing for extremely accurate and effective full body training. As a result, the C5.7e is equally suited to enhance performance and for therapeutic use. New control units and pulse sensors are also conveniently located in the arm levers.

The Reebok C5.7e IWM Cross Trainer is one of the first fitness machines equipped with the innovative IWM system (Intelligent Weight Management).

Before your workout your weight is precisely determined (up to 1Kg) by the IWM Digital Balance and is then analysed by the IWM Software. Following this, the incredible technology from the Reebok C5.7e IWM then configures a specific programme that it tailored to you, and will work alongside you in each workout session, to help you to achieve the very best results each time you train.

Reebok C5.7e IWM Cross Trainer Specifications

Adjustments Foot plates and Floor level
Brake System M-Force EMS brake system
Console Blue LCD computer
Dimensions 136 x 58 x 162cm
Flywheel Weight 27kg inertia weight
Functions Speed/Time/Distance/Calories/Pulse/RPM
Heart Rate Measurement Hand pulse measuring with POLAR receiver
Maximum User Weight 150kg
Programmes 12 with 5 individual programmes
Resistance 25-400 watt
Stride Length 38cm
User Profiles 5