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Sportsart Icare Elliptical

ICARE stands for Intelligently Controlled Assistive Rehabilitation Elliptical , is a system ,a product of a collaboration between Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital which is one of the best facilities for medical rehabilitation and research, and SportsArt, an international manufacturer of premium fitness and rehabilitation equipment. The ICARE design promotes greater elliptical trainer accessibility so that people with disabilities can participate in effective therapeutic exercise and gait programs to promote optimal health, quality of life, and maximum independence. The ICARE system can be customized to meet unique patient and facility needs: 1. Complete ICARE system: a) SportsArt Elliptical Trainer with ICARE protocol:
  • Research shows that SportsArt’s elliptical more closely simulates a natural walking motion than any other elliptical evaluated (Burnfield JM, Shu Y, Buster TW, Taylor AP (2010)
  • Forward and reverse motor assistance while training at speeds up to 65 cycles per minute
  • Automatic motor assistance adjusts to accommodate needs of user during training
  • Single or dual leg training options accommodate clients with or without amputations
  • Passcode control and integrated safety switches offer added security
  • Remote control for easy clinician adjustment
  • Dual action motion for a complete body workout
  • Electronically adjustable stride range from 17”-29” with fingertip shift-on-the-fly controls
  • Contact and telemetry heart rate control
b) Wheelchair ramp and stairs c) Body unweighting system :
  • Electronic height adjustable swiveling seat for easy on/off access
  • Safety strap
  • Lifts up to 80% of 500 lb. body weight
2. ICARE Elliptical plus body unweighting system with electronic seat height adjustment 3. ICARE Elliptical only, protocol is passcode protected so unit can be used as a standalone fitness trainer

SportsArt ICARE Elliptical Specifications

  • Programs : ICARE, Manual, Interval (x3), Random, Plateau, Quick Start, Vari-Stride, Custom HRC, Cardio and Weight Loss HRC
  • Feedback : Calories, Distance, Time, Speed, Calories/Hr, WATTS, Heart Rate (Actual & Target), MyGoal, Workout Level, Stride/min, Total Strides (Calories, Cal/Hr & WATTS displays are for non-ICARE programs)
  • Console : Dot matrix display w/LEDs, ActivZone™ Icon, MyGoal Display, Integrated 3-speed fan, SPM remote control
  • Stride Length : Electrically adjustable 17-29" stride length
  • Additional Features : Additional height adjustable handlebar for safety, Adjustable pedal foot straps for security
  • Max User Weight : 500lbs (300lbs for single leg in ICARE program mode) for Elliptical
  • Dimensions : 86.6 " l , 31 " w, 71 " h
  • Performance Features : 20 levels of resistance
  • Heart rate tools : CardioAdvisor, Telemetry Heart Rate, Contact Heart Rate
  • ICARE Protocol : Forward and reverse motor assistance while training at speeds ranging up to 65 cycles per minute, Motor automatically adjusts to changing assistance needs of user during training, Single or dual leg training options adjust to needs of clients with and without amputations, Passcode control and integrated safety switches (button and safety key with lanyard) for added security,Remote control for easy clinician adjustment , Summary display tracking client’s progress, Protocol is passcode protected so unit can be used as a standard elliptical trainer

SportsArt ICARE Unweighting System Features

  • Electronic height adjustable rotating seat
  • Ultra Quiet Compressor
  • 12" Electric Actuator
  • IGUS Drylin w/double rail
  • Michigan Seat with Armrest
  • Springfield Marine Seat Swivel
  • Added safety strap
  • SMC 3-way Pneumatic Valve

SportsArt ICARE Ramp Features

  • Wheelchair ramp
  • Patient access stairs
  • Therapist access platform in front of elliptical
  • Non-skid surface

SportsArt ICARE Unweighting System Specifications

  • Max User Weight : 500 lb body weight at 80% supported
  • Dimensions : 8.5' x 3.5' x 9' (elliptical plus unweighting system)

SportsArt ICARE Ramp Specifications

  • Dimensions: 12' x 7.2' x 9' (elliptical plus unweighting system and ramp/stairs)

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