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St Fitness 8514 Flat To Incline Bench

The human body is an incredible machine. It moves in fluid motion and readily adapts to the myriad of demands placed upon it day-after-day. But getting stronger shouldn’t be another body stressor. That’s why ST Fitness strength solutions offer a truly unique way of conditioning and strengthening that work as hard as you do. Designed for how the body moves, you’ll find ST Fitness equipment intuitive to use and effective at every workout level from beginner to advanced. Experience ST Fitness equipment for the most streamlined, smooth and efficient way to strengthen the moves you make. You’ll find it’s the obvious choice for building strength and meeting every challenge along the way.The 8514 Flat to Incline Bench features a heavy-duty adjustment cam and 0 - 85° bench angle that enables workout variety.

ST fitness 8514 Flat to Incline bench Specification

  • Dimensions: 54”L x 29”W x 17”H
  • Weight: 70 pounds

ST fitness 8514 Flat to Incline bench Features

  • Heavy-duty adjustment cam and 0 - 90 bench angle enables workout variety
  • Handle and dual wheels for easy transport
  • High-resiliency foam pads are designed for comfort and support, but made to last
  • The robust design is backed by a comprehensive Light Commercial Warranty

Additional Info

ST fitness 8514 Flat to Incline bench Warranty


  • Structural Frame-U.S.: Lifetime (limited) Canada: 30 Years (limited)
  • Mechanical Parts: 3 Years
  • Wear Item:1 Yr
  • Labor:1 yr


  • Structural Frame-U.S.: 30 Yrs(limited) Canada: 30 Years (limited)
  • Mechanical Parts: 3 Years
  • Wear Item:6 months
  • Labor:1 yr