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About Star Trac

“Design to Inspire” is the motto of Star Trac. They launched their first commercial products in 1974. And since then they have strived to e forefront in of the industry and designing quality products and have established new level for fitness equipments. Star Trac's world headquarters and manufacturing facility is in Irvine, California is nearly 100,000 square foot in area and has world-class facility.
Ray Mosher, Vice President of manufacturing states that there Manufacturing Facility implements Continuous-Flow Manufacturing (CFM) and Quality Improvement Programs (QIP) that provides process and product improvement. Star Trac boasts that every day, more than 3 million people in over 70 countries use Star Trac exercise equipment in fitness facilities and at home.
Star Trac® is also partnered with Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc., the creators of the Spinner® bikes and the Spinning® education program.

Star Trac Products

Star trac are mainly known for cardio and strength equipments. they are the manufacturer of treadmills, steppers, ellipticals, bikes .
  • Star Trac P-rb Recumbent Bike
  • Star Trac E-rbe Recumbent Bike
  • Star Trac E-rbi Recumbent Bike
  • Star Trac E-rb Recumbent Bike
  • Star Trac S-rbx Recumbent Bike
  • Star Trac E-ube Upright Bike
  • Star Trac E-ubi Upright Bike
  • Star Trac E-ub Upright Bike
  • Star Trac P-ub Upright Bike
  • Star Trac S-ubx Upright Bike
  • Star Trac E-ste Stepper
  • Star Trac E-sti Stepper
  • Star Trac E-st Stepper
  • Star Trac P-tr Treadmill
  • Star Trac E-tr Treadmill
  • Star Trac E-trxe Treadmill
  • Star Trac E-tre Treadmill
  • Star Trac E-trxi Treadmill
  • Star Trac E-tri Treadmill
  • Star Trac E-trx Treadmill
  • Star Trac S-trc Treadmill
  • Star Trac Instinct Dual Adjustable Pulley
  • Star Trac Instinct Multi Adjustable Bench
  • Star Trac Instinct Abdominal / Low Back
  • Star Trac Instinct Leg Press / Calf Raise
  • Star Trac Instinct Biceps Curl / Triceps Extension
  • Star Trac Instinct Inner / Outer Thigh
  • Star Trac Instinct Lat Pull Down / Vertical Row
  • Star Trac Instinct Leg Extension / Leg Curl
  • Star Trac Instinct Multi Press
  • Star Trac Instinct Pectoral Fly / Rear Deltoid
  • Star Trac Instinct Biceps Curl
  • Star Trac Instinct Chest Press
  • Star Trac Instinct Glute Press
  • Star Trac Instinct Leg Curl
  • Star Trac Instinct Leg Extension
  • Star Trac Instinct Rotary Torso
  • Star Trac Instinct Shoulder Press
  • Star Trac Instinct Triceps Extension
  • Star Trac Instinct Vertical Row
  • Star Trac Instinct Olympic Incline Bench
  • Star Trac Instinct Olympic Flat Bench
  • Star Trac Instinct 45° Back Extension
  • Star Trac Instinct Dumbbell Rack 3 Tier
  • Star Trac Instinct Olympic Plate Tree

Star Trac Product Support

Star Trac have an excellent team of technical support and representatives and factory certified service provider who provides there support to customers regarding their queries and problems about the equipments. Customer needs are their priority.
Their Technical Support Center, open Monday – Friday, 6:00 am – 6:00 pm, P.S.T.

  • Registration/Warranty Mailing Information
    Star Trac
    14410 Myford Road
    Irvine, CA 92606

    USA Phone:1-800-228-6635

  • EQUIPMENTS MANUAL : You can get manuals regarding how to use the equipments.

Star Trac Contact Address

Headquaters at Irvine, California.
US Mailing Information
Star Trac
14410 Myford Road
Irvine, CA 92606
Technical Support Hot Line: 1 800 503 1221
Fax: 714 669 0739

Reviews of consumers

  • "I have been using Star Trac treadmills for the last 12 years. I love the feel of the deck and ease of use” - Heidi Arnest, Sales Representative

  • "I really like having a treadmill at home, it is very convenient. The TR4500 is a very motivational machine."-Dean Cacali, TR4500 Owner

  • "I love the convenience of having a stepper in my home. I also love that I can get a full aerobic exercise and the footprint is small enough that it fits in my room."-Mike Hartunian, Retired Businessman

  • "I come back to the Spinner because of the feel, multiple adjustments and the fact that I can control the level of intensity while using the bike. ItÍs simple, and yet I get a great workout”-Carmen Sherman, CPA

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