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About SteelFlex

Body-Solid United Kingdom has extended its excellent range to include SteelFlex cardiovascular equipment and Steel flex Weights and Accessories. SteelFlex is a part of FMI America . Manufactured to the very same high standard as Body-Solid Strength Training equipment, the Steel flex range includes treadmills, exercise bikes; elliptical cross trainers and pro style Olympic weights for home and commercial use.
As with Body-Solid fitness equipment, all Steel flex products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art ISO 9000:2000 certified facility. The ISO 9000:2000 certification is only awarded to companies that comply to the most stringent quality, design and customer support standards, and is recognized worldwide as the sign of excellence.
SteelFlex is a UK Registered Trademark.

SteelFlex Product

  • Steelflex Aristo Ct-1 Treadmill
  • Steelflex Pt7 Treadmill
  • Steelflex Pt10 Treadmill
  • Steelflex Megapower Chest Press Machine (mbp-100)
  • Steelflex Megapower Leg Extension Machine (mle-200)
  • Steelflex Megapower Lat Pull-down Machine (mlm-300)
  • Steelflex Megapower Leg Curl Machine (mlc-400)
  • Steelflex Megapower Leg Press (mlp-500)
  • Steelflex Megapower Pec Fly Machine (mpd-700)
  • Steelflex Megapower Shoulder Press (msp-800)
  • Steelflex Megapower Incline Press (mip-1400)
  • Steelflex Megapower Back Extension (mbk-1600)
  • Steelflex Megapower Seated Row (mrm-1700)
  • Steelflex Megapower Dual Cable Column And Chin-up / Dip Machine Mdc-2000
  • Steelflex Megapower 3d High Low Pulley Machine (m3dhl)
  • Steelflex Megapower 3d Chest Machine (m3dfc)
  • Steelflex Megapower 3d Back Row Machine (m3dbr)
  • Steelflex Plbp 100 Bench Press
  • Steelflex Pllc 400 Leg Curl
  • Steelflex Plip 1400 Incline Press
  • Steelflex Plsr 1700 Seated Row
  • Steelflex Plbc Bicep Curl
  • Steelflex Plla Lat Pull Down
  • Steelflex Plsc Seated Calf
  • Steelflex Plte Tricep Extension
  • Steelflex Hydraulic Chest Press Machine Cbp300
  • Steelflex Hydraulic Leg Extension Machine Cle500
  • Steelflex Hydraulic Triceps Press Down Machine Cac700
  • Steelflex Hydraulic Side Bending Machine Ceo200
  • Steelflex Hydraulic Leg Press Machine Clp600
  • Steelflex Hydraulic Biceps Curl Machine Cbc400
  • Steelflex Hydraulic Pec Dec Fly Machine Cpd800
  • Steelflex Hydraulic Shoulder Press Machine Csp900
  • Steelflex Hydraulic Abdominal Crunch Machine Cab1000
  • Steelflex Hydraulic Hip Abduction & Adduction Machine Cth1100
  • Steelflex Aristo Cs2 Indoor Bike
  • Steelflex Aristo Cr-sg Recumbent Bike
  • Steelflex Aristo Cb-sg Bike

SteelFlex Benches

  • Steelflex Neo Utility Stool Nst
  • Steelflex Neo Flat Bench Nfb
  • Steelflex Neo Flat/incline/decline Bench Nfid
  • Steelflex Nrch Glute Ham Bench

SteelFlex Contact Address

Steel flex UK
286B Southgate Office Village
Chase Road
N14 6HF

Sales Enquiries (UK Only): 0871 200 2477*


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