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Stex 8020ux Upright Bike

Stex Upright Bikes come with an ergonomically designed backrest that keeps your body in an ideal and comfortable position, all through the workout. Besides this, they also feature a mobile phone holder and a magazine rack . So you make the most of your exercise routine. Each and every time.

Stex 8020UX Upright Bike Specification

Resistance-Electrical resistance Control


  • MultiLingual LCD window
  • 12" Built in TFT LCD


  • 68(W)105(L)136(H)cm
  • Weight 50Kg
  • Levels 25

Intelligent Heart rate System

Workout Programs

  • 6 Preset programs
  • 4 Interactive HRC Program

Stex 8020UX Upright Bike Features

  • 12" TFT LCD Monitor
  • Convenient Seat Adjustment
  • Self Powered Drive system
  • IHRS Toch Heart rate System

Additional Info

Stex 8020UX Upright Bike Warranty

  • 3 Yrs For all Component
  • Lifetime for Steel Frame
  • 2yr For LCD