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Surya Bhedan

Surya means Sun and this pranayama is done with the help of Right Nostril which is related to the Pingala Nadi which represent the physical energy and the body. Long Breathe is taken from the right nostril and released from the left nostril. Inhaling through right nostril helps boosting heat in the body and the impurity that blocks the flow of Prana is dispelled. This pranayama helps body to uplift the pranic energy and Pingala nadi is responsible for this so it is done with the help of right nostril. It maintains the body temperature.

Surya Bhedan Pranayama Procedure

  • Press the index and middle finger of the right hand against the palm of that hand.
  • Use the thumb to close the right nostril and the ring and little fingers to close the left nostril.
  • If you are left handed then you may reverse this procedure.
  • When both nostrils are open, the fingers rest on the bridge of the nose.

Surya Bhedan Pranayama Benefits

  • This pranayama helps free flow of energy to the entire body and nutrients to each cell.
  • It increases body temperature thus helps in preventing from cold and cough
  • Its effective for weight loss
  • Helps body to relax and removes anxiety
  • Maintains respiratory system strong and healthy
  • Maintains the flow of Energy in the body

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