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Trimspa Ultra

TrimSpa Ultra is a weight-loss supplement of trimspa range of products.The active ingredients in TrimSpa Ultra are intended to reduce appetite, decrease fluid retention and increase metabolism.With the help of TrimSpa Ultra, you can enhance the burning of fat in the body and in the process increase lean muscle mass. Besides helping to reduce weight,TrimSpa Ultra also helps in controlling cravings, which is a great step in reducing weight.

TrimSpa Ultra Ingredients

Green Tea Extract: Green Tea reduces free radicals in the body, helps you to successfully burn calories, increases your metabolism and is filled with beneficial antioxidants
Caffeine: Caffeine increases your energy and burns fat effectively and efficiently.
Concentrated Grapefruit Extract, Glucosamine (HCL), and Citrus Naringin: Each of these ingredients offers the benefits of weight loss. In several studies, grapefruit especially, if eaten before meals, stabilizes the blood sugar levels and supports weight loss.
Hoodia Gordonii: This ingredient, found in the Kalahari Desert of Africa and used for thousands of years by the natives in that region, controls food cravings, burns fat effectively, and decreases feelings of hunger.

TrimSpa Ultra Dosage

The manufacturer recommends four tablets total per day -- two in the morning, one at midday, and one in the evening. Each dose should be taken with eight ounces of water. If you are sensitive to caffeine, it is recommended that you do not exceed three tablets per day.

TrimSpa Ultra Side Effects

Based on this information, common TrimSpa side effects may include:
  • Nervousness
  • Restlessness
  • Insomnia
  • Indigestion or heartburn
  • Shakiness (tremors) or jitteriness
  • Increased urination.

TrimSpa Ultra Warnings

Dietary supplements such as TrimSpa are not regulated by the FDA. Although the ingredients in TrimSpa are derived from natural sources, they can be dangerous if taken in conjunction with other products. For many of the ingredients, there's no scientific evidence they have any weight-reducing effects through appetite suppression. Some users of the products report side effects that include headaches, moodiness and insomnia.