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About Tunturi

Tunturi is a dynamic, reputable brand with many years’ experience in the field of fitness and fitness equipment. Top quality Scandinavian design and many unique Tunturi innovations with optimum product ergonomics.
Its foundation was laid down in 1922. One of the brand’s strengths lies in the many years of experience of its in house Design team, its own Research and Development department and the fact it has its own facility in Europe for manufacturing the top Tunturi models. Although the market for fitness equipment for home use is a relatively young one, Tunturi was already making a name for itself back in the 1970s.
The Harkke brothers set up a small cycle shop in Turku, Finland. Cycle repairs were the shop’s main activity at first, but some small-scale production was also carried out. The brothers then began to manufacture Tunturi bicycles on a larger scale, at first under license. The name Tunturi is quite unusual, but it is the Finnish word for “Highland”. It was highly successful; within just a few years the small shop was exchanged for a factory that was extremely modern for its time. It is an interesting fact that in the 1950s the Tunturi brand was market leader in mopeds.
Tunturi is now a well-known concept in Scandinavian countries and Tunturi trainers are sold in over 40 countries all over the world. In 2003, Tunturi Oy Ltd was taken over by the Accell Group, Europe’s largest organization producing and selling bicycles and fitness equipment, including well-known brands such as Koga Miyata, Batavus, Lapierre, Winora and Red Line.

Tunturi Products

Tunturi Ellipticals

  • Tunturi Endurance C95 Elliptical
  • Tunturi Endurance C90 Elliptical
  • Tunturi Endurance C85 Elliptical
  • Tunturi Endurance C80 Elliptical
  • Tunturi Performance C65 Elliptical
  • Tunturi Performance C60 Elliptical
  • Tunturi Performance C45 Elliptical
  • Tunturi C40 Performance Elliptical
  • Tunturi C35 Competence Elliptical
  • Tunturi C30 Competence Elliptical
  • Tunturi T80 Endurance Treadmill
  • Tunturi T70 Endurance Treadmill
  • Tunturi T50 Performance Treadmill
  • Tunturi T40 Performance Treadmill
  • Tunturi T30 Competence Treadmill
  • Tunturi T20 Competence Treadmill
  • Tunturi E90 Endurance Exercise Bike
  • Tunturi E90l Endurance Exercise Bike
  • Tunturi E90r Endurance Exercise Bike
  • Tunturi E80 Endurance Exercise Bike
  • Tunturi E80l Endurance Exercise Bike
  • Tunturi E60 Performance Exercise Bike
  • Tunturi E60media Performance Exercise Bike
  • Tunturi E60r Performance Exercise Bike
  • Tunturi E40 Performance Exercise Bike
  • Tunturi E30 Competence Exercise Bike
  • Tunturi F30r Competence Exercise Bike
  • Tunturi F30 Competence Exercise Bike
  • Tunturi F20 Competence Exercise Bike
  • Tunturi R60 Performance Rowing Machine
  • Tunturi R35 Competence Rowing Machine
  • Tunturi R25 Competence Rowing Machine

Tunturi Product Support

  • Warranty: Purchaser's Warranty terms may vary from one country to another. The warranty applies only to the original purchaser and is valid only in countries where Accell Fitness Division B.V. has an authorized importer. The warranty period commences from the date on which the original buyer purchases the equipment; the equipment has to remain in the possession of the original buyer/owner; warranty repairs will not extend the warranty period.The warranty terms are only applicable under conditions of normal use of the product as described in the Owner's Manual

  • Manuals: Manuals regarding the use of different equipments are given here. It’s in downloadable format so that you can download it and study it.

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