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U Weight Loss

U Weight Loss is a leading health and wellness company. Our personalized weight loss, health and lifestyle change programs are scientifically based and developed by a team of health professionals, including medical doctors, naturopaths and registered nutritional consultants. This sets us apart and helps make U Weight Loss an industry leader. The programs are safe and proven, and are designed to cater to families as well as individuals.

U Weight Loss clients are guided towards their health and weight goals by a team of Certified Personal Health Coaches, who help them develop programs designed to suit their lifestyle and needs. Not only do clients get expert, one-on-one advice on nutrition, weight loss and health, but they’re also encouraged to incorporate exercise – based on their level and preference – into their weight loss program. A vast variety of recipes help fuel client success as well – all perfectly balanced according to nutrient ratios. Due to all these features u weight loss programs for women, weight loss programs for men and weight loss retreats, weight loss systems , weight loss camps for adults are all going well hand in hand.

Results are further ensured through nutritional supplementation, with our Intelligent Nutraceuticals, a complete line of award-winning and customized professional supplements and vitamins. These are formulated to accelerate weight loss, ensure optimal nutrition and improve overall health.

The primary goal of U Weight Loss is to ensure our clients find a successful path that will lead them towards lasting weight loss – achieving a lifetime of good health in the process.  

U Weight Loss Programs

Trade Up Program

Trade up and switch from your current program to a doctor-formulated and science-based U Weight LossTM program that’s personalized just for you to help ensure that you reach your optimal health and weight loss goals.

Here’s how it works. Switch from any competitor’s weight loss program to U Weight Loss and we’ll match your remaining time for free! You’ll receive personalized weight loss coaching, as well as a FREE “Trade Up Program Starter Pack” ($180 Value) containing all the tools you need to get started on your new personalized U Weight Loss health and weight loss program. Plus, ask us about great savings on the remainder of your new U Weight Loss program! Book your FREE HEALTHY WEIGHT ANALYSIS today and ask your local clinic about our “TRADE UP PROGRAM” -  and start getting results immediately!

Staff : Weight Loss Doctors

Susan Walker, MD
Integrative Medical Director

Dr. Melissa Hershberg, MD
Medical Director

Jennifer Mansell, RNCP, ROHP


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