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Weight Loss Appetite Control

Weight loss appetite control are the drugs and supplements which acts as appetite suppressants.  Appetite suppressants work on the brain to "fool" it into thinking that it is not hungry. Appetite suppressants act primarily on the neurochemical transmitters of the central nervous system to reduce food intake.

Weight loss appetite control drugs may be natural or synthetic. The most popular appetite suppressants are derived from the hoodia plants. Other natural appetite suppressants are mixtures of plant ingredients such as green tea and seaweed. Synthetic drugs that serve as appetite suppressants include mazindol, phentermine, benzphetamine and diethylpropion.

Side effects of Weight Loss Appetite Control Drugs

Appetite suppressants can cause nervousness, palpitations (fast beating of the heart), tremors (shaking of the hands), restlessness, high blood pressure and insomnia. Other undesirable effects include sweating, excessive thirst and constipation.

Ironically, while appetite suppressants can cause insomnia, they can also cause drowsiness. When taken without prescription, these drugs could increase your risk for toxicity. Toxic levels due to overdose could lead to confusion, convulsion or seizure, hallucination, and worst, coma (loss of consciousness wherein you could not be awakened even if you are subjected to a painful stimulus).

Some of the weight loss appetite control drugs are: