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Weight Loss Belt

In an effort to lose fat around the waistline, many dieters will try anything, at least once. Weight loss belts are at the fringe end of weight loss products.The term weight loss belt is a little misleading. It suggests that all weight loss belts are the same, when in fact there are two different types of weight loss belts available in the market today.
  • The first kind is a belt (sauna belts) which works by warming up the abdominal area. Worn around the abdomen, like a cumber band, it is warmed up by electrical batteries. The effect of this belt is akin to going to a sauna, except that it is only a sauna for your stomach. It is supposed to promote fat loss by increasing the temperature around the midsection, which forces the body to work hard in order to cool this area, which in turn burns off calories and fat.
  • The second type of weight loss belt also works via battery power. However, rather than warming the area of the abdomen, it works by stimulating the muscles of the abdomen with quick micro stimulations. The idea behind this belt is that it will produce muscular spasms, which are similar to those produced via abdominal exercises.

The principle behind this belt is that the dieter, who does not want to carry out abdominal exercises, can just wear the belt while at home and produce muscular stimulation. Over a period of time, the stomach muscles become stronger, at which point the electrical stimulation is increased. This in turn, makes for stronger muscles, which in turn supposedly burn off belly fat.

Weight Loss Belt Effectiveness

For all of the hype behind weight loss belts, they do not result in instant weight loss, or even long term weight loss. The principle of spot checking, whereby localised physical activity burns off unwanted fat, has been debunked.

With this in mind, it is safe to say that neither belt will bring about immediate weight loss. However, this is not to say that they are useless.


The sauna belt, will help to reduce excess water, which is held, around the belly, which in some case will be useful. The exercise belt will also make for stronger abdominal muscles, which in turn will make the midsection appear leaner.

Weight loss belts are not a magic formula for dieters. However, they might be useful as an experimental approach to tone up the midsection, as long as the expenditure on said item is low.

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