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Xerisan Asa

Xerisan ASA is a new weight loss supplement that claims to help you burn fat, increase your energy, and suppress your appetite. This sounds like the perfect weight loss supplement. This diet pill does differ in one way from the others – it says that it will help you lose weight even after you stop taking it.

Xerisan ASA Ingredients

  • Synephrine – Boosts metabolism
  • Pyruvate – Boosts metabolism, suppresses appetite
  • Phaseolus Vulgaris – Blocks carbohydrates from being absorbed by your body
  • Chromium Picolinate – Helps metabolize insulin, reduces fat, gives you extra energy, and converts protein into muscles.

Xerisan ASA Dosage

Users are instructed to take Xerisan ASA one to three times daily. It should be taken with a full glass of water, and 30 minutes prior to eating.

Xerisan ASA Side Effects

There haven’t been reports for serious side effects, and most probably taking the pills won’t put your health at risk. However, you may experience the usual side effects that most fat burners cause such as headaches, sleeping disorders, agitation, restlessness or anxiety.

Xerisan ASA Pros

  • Contains Synephrine

Xerisan ASA Cons

  • No appetite suppressants
  • Extremely Expensive
  • Few Proven Ingredients
  • No Satisfaction or Money Back Guarantees