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Xmark Deluxe Standard 1 In. Plate Tree

The challenge of finding a place to store your plate weights is resolved with the XMark Deluxe Standard 1" Plate Tree XM-3156. Convenience is the name of the game with this durable storage rack that gives you the ability to maintain an clean and safe workout environment without any hassle. The XMark Deluxe Standard 1" Plate Tree XM-3156 can hold up to 300 lbs. of weights on its seven posts. This ensures that your home gym will not be littered with stacked weights.

XMark Deluxe Standard 1 in. Plate Tree Specifications

  • Perfect for in-home use
  • Overall weight capacity: 300 lbs
  • Quantity of plate posts: Seven
  • Plate post diameter: 1”
  • Plate post length: 8”
  • Frame gauge: 11 gauge
  • Assembled dimensions: 33” x 25” x 42”
  • Assembled weight: 35 lbs.

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