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Yoga Dublin

The journey started 10 years ago when Colm Walsh, Yoga Dublin’s owner began teaching Yoga classes in a local school hall in Baggot Street. From that point, it has steadily grown into the birth of two Yoga studios, with over 70 classes a week. Classes are taught by Ireland’s most qualified and experienced teachers. Yoga Dublin’s facilities have been purpose built to support the needs of the students.

Yoga Dublin Classes

At Yoga Dublin Studios we aim to deliver the highest standard of teaching. Our classes and courses are structured very simply according to different levels.

  • Yoga Level 1 – Open to those in the initial stages of Yoga practice or those seeking a gentler practice.
  • Yoga Level 2 – These intermediate level classes challenge students on a deeper physical and psychological level, introducing more challenging postures. Not suitable for beginners.
  • Yoga Level 3 – Advanced level classes are suitable for experienced Yoga practitioners, Yoga teachers or those with a regular practice.
  • Yoga For Everyone – Open to all levels from complete beginners to those more experienced. The teacher adapts the class accordingly.

Yoga Dublin Membership

Drop-in Classes

Drop-in to a Class – Drop-in to any Yoga or Pilates Class for €15. Drop-in to Prenatal Class for €18.

Note: You are very welcome to drop-in to a class pending availability. We do advise to call ahead to check if there are spaces as the classes can get booked up in advance.

Introductory Offer Studio Membership

  • €59 Introductory Offer - Unlimited Yoga &Pilates classes
  • No commitment!
  • Can attend classes at the Ranelagh, Dundrum and Rathfarnham studios.
  • This excludes Prenatal/Zumba/Tai Chi and other specialist classes

Unlimited Monthly Studio Membership

  • €79 Monthly Membership - UnlimitedYoga & Pilates classes
  • Minimum commitment 6 months.
  • Can attend classes at the Ranelagh, Dundrum and Rathfarnham studios.
  • This excludes PreNatal/Zumba/Tai Chi and other specialist classes
  • After 6 months, contract continues. To cease Autopay system, please just give us 30days notice in writing.

6 Class Pass

  • Regular 6 class pass €85 (once off purchase, can be used against all yoga/pilates classes* except Prenatal, speciality courses, zumba, valid for 6 months from date of purchase).
  • Special Discounted Yoga 6 class pass €75 when you sign up for Autopay. When your 6 class pass gets used up your account will automatically be topped up with another 6 class pass. This happens three times (so for 18 classes). This pass is valid for all Yoga class types excluding workshops ,Prenatal, speciality courses, zumba.
  • Prenatal 6 class pass €100 and drop-in €18.

Prenatal Class Pass

  • Prenatal 6 class pass €100
  • Drop-In €18.

Yoga Dublin Workshops

  • Tai Chi with Ross

    Ross is one of a number of qualified Master Ding Academy instructors; instructors teaching Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung in Ireland. He has been training under Master Ding since 1997 and has been assisting Master Ding with classes, seminars and retreats across Europe since 2001.
    Date: May 31, 2012 to Jul 05, 2012
  • Restorative Workships

    Join for 2 hours of soothing, gentle and quieting yoga, pranayama and meditation - the perfect antidote to a busy, stressful lifestyle.
    Date: Jun 03, 2012p>
    Cost: 25 $
  • Kundalini Yoga Workshop

    The awakening of the kundalini brings balance to all the chakras and heals us so that we can in turn serve and heal others. Tattvas represent the five qualities that make up the physical world: earth, water, fire, air and ether.
    Cost: 20$
    Date: Jun 09, 2012
  • The Runners Guide To Yoga with Lispa P

    During the course of an average mile run, your foot will strike the ground 1,000 times. The force of impact on each foot is about three or four times your weight. It's not surprising then to hear runners complain of bad backs and knees, tight hamstrings and sore feet.
    Cost: 30
    Date: Jun 09, 2012
  • Baby Massage with Saffron

    4 week baby massage for babies not yet crawling 4 weeks 120 includes oils and booklet, 100 is refundable under some health insurance options
    Date: Jun 18, 2012 to Jul 09, 2012
  • Active Birthing Workshop For Partners with Lou

    The workshop is designed to inform and empower both Mother and birth partner throughout the labour and birth process. The areas covered include, the postures and breathing techniques of an active labour, how to maximize your time labouring at home before transferring to hospital which will decrease the likelihood intervention, the hormones of labour and how to keep them flowing, delivery postures to minimize inervention, connecting with baby, the post natal period and more.
    Fee: 100 per couple
    Date: Jul 07, 2012
  • Mind and Body Cleanse with Chris

    The workshop combines the benefits of a cleansing Yoga practice, Kriya techniques, pranayama, a presentation & discussion on how to maintain good digestive health as key to restoring optimal health to the whole system, nutritional tips & delicious recipes. There will even be an opportunity for a juice tasting session – It's great fun for everybody!It is hoped that by the end of the workshop, everybody will have a toolkit for maintaining optimum health year round.

Yoga Dublin Contact Address

Yoga Dublin Studios
Dublin, Ireland
Dundrum: (01) 298 0300
Ranelagh: (01) 412 6813
Rathfarnham: (01) 490 0044