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Yoga Shelter

Yoga Shelter community beginning in West Bloomfield in 2004. Since then they have added locations in Royal Oak, Birmingham, Grosse Pointe and Studio City, CA.Yoga Shelter goal is to create a welcoming place where yoga is accessible and affordable for everyone.They offer a week of unlimited free yoga to allow new students to get to know us without any financial obligation. Each class is open to all strength and experience levels, and we offer a variety of affordable class packages to suit your needs.

Yoga Shelter Class Description

  • Sanga Vinyasa/Yoga Rocks- Sanga Vinyasa, also referred to as Yoga Rocks, is a dynamic series of sequenced postures that seamlessly "flow" together.
  • The Ripper Flow-The Ripper is a full bodied strong intense physical Vinyasa that will leave you with an intense buzz. This class is designed to whip us into shape, experience our physical and mental edges and kick our butts
  • Flow Motion -Flow Motion integrates the dynamic flow of Sanga Vinyasa, the methodical pace of Slow Flow and simple dance movements to create an inspiring experience on the mat and around the room.
  • Free Flow-Free Flow starts your morning out the right way with breath and movement, heat and motivation. All levels and people of all kinds are invited to follow along with a Yoga Shelter professional as they work with you to get your day moving.
  • Fusion-Fusion introduces a few different "Vinyasa" style sequences which are used to heat up the body. From there we move at a Slow Flow pace with a few extra twists and turns.
  • Gentle Flow-Gentle Flow is designed for those looking for that gentle, restorative and serene practice. This class is appropriate for everyone, including seniors.
  • Kids Yoga-Kids Yoga promotes inner-strength, confidence and self esteem. These classes will also improve strength, flexibility and coordination.
  • Lunch Shot Yoga-Lunch Shot Yoga is when you need a pick me up in the middle of your day. Forget about a shot of espresso, try a shot of yoga.
  • Slow Flow-Slow Flow is for those looking to experience a physically slower moving class.
  • Vinyasa Unplugged-Vinyasa Unplugged is a dynamic and intense physical class with a different vibe! Silent practice with your breath as the only sound, while you experience long and lasting sequences, all integrated with a strong Vedanta theme.
  • VinYin -Vin Yin is a hot and steamy Vinyasa practice followed by an intense Yin stretch. A perfect combination of Yin and Yang, working the muscles and stretching the connective tissues
  • Xflowsion -Xflowsion®is the class getting national attention created by Eric Paskel. Xflowsion is a fun, exciting, challenging, and one-of-a-kind class that integrates Yoga, Martial Arts, and Dance. It moves to the sweet sounds of music from all genres and generations.
  • Yin Yoga-Yin Yoga involves holding non-uscular poses for a longer period of time, delving into the connective tissues. This practice creates strength, openness and healing in the joints, ligaments and tendons.
  • Yoga Medics Spine Care-YogaMedics Spine Care is a medically based yoga class specifically designed to improve back pain and function, and prevent future back injuries

Yoga Shelter Pricing

  • 60 Days of Unlimited Yoga-$115
  • One Year Ultimate Shelter Membership Prepaid-$1100
  • Ultimate Shelter Monthly Draft Membership-$99/month
  • 10 Class Pass-$139
  • 20 Class Pass-$239
  • 40 Class Pass-$419

Yoga Shelter Teacher Training

Yoga Shelter Training programs are unique, eye-opening experiences – there is nothing like this anywhere else in the world.Yoga Shelter Training Programs are the only yoga training programs in the world that teach students to think, decipher, contemplate, reflect and develop an intellect.

Requirements for Teacher Training

  • Participants are paired with partners and must meet twice weekly.
  • Participants must observe four Yoga Shelter classes (unless out of state)
  • Participants will learn the Master Flow, empowering them to teach any type of yoga class.
  • Participants will attend a minimum of four yoga classes per week.
  • Participants will study 45-60 minutes every morning from approved texts that comprise the backbone of Yoga Shelter Philosophy.

At Teacher Training you will Learn

  • Find your voice, be yourself!
  • Create and carry a universal theme through class.
  • Make physical and verbal adjustments
  • Use humor, sound bytes, voice inflection and silence.
  • Hold students in place.
  • Empower students to take responsibility for their own practice.
  • Make appropriate and inspiring music playlists.
  • Create flows.
  • Tie verbal and physical flows together with music.
  • Use and interpret body language.
  • Evaluate your audience.
  • Set the environment.
  • Teach the importance of breath.
  • Build your clientele.

Yoga Shelter Studios

  • West Bloomfeild Home
    6363 Orchard Lake Road
    West Bloomfield, MI 48322
  • Royal Oak Studio
    Corner of 11 Mile and Main St 108 South Main
    Royal Oak, MI 48067
    Justin Sarna
  • Birmingham Studio
    379 South Old Woodward
    Birmingham, MI 48009
    248.723.YOGA (9642)
    Justin Sarna
  • Grosse Pointe Studio
  • Midtown Detroit Home
    69 W. Forest
    Detroit, MI 48202
  • Studio City
    12408 Ventura Blvd.
    Studio City, CA 91604
    Jenna Stephens