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Yogamoves Studio

YogaMoves teaches yoga as mindfulness, refining the skills necessary to become more subtle human beings. In all classes the seeds of meditation are planted within the practice of postures. They teach precision of alignment combined with flowing sequences of postures. Attention is given to the lyrical, dance-like quality of yoga to promote the grace, awareness and beauty of the body's inner form.YogaMoves is located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Situated at the foot of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Santa Fe is endowed with light, magic and expansive vistas. YogaMoves promotes the rejuvenating and transformational effects historic to Santa Fe.YogaMoves studio is dedicated to the arts and healing arts. Classes speaks to the creative soul inside us all yearning to emerge through movement. Many of the offerings in the studio are considered innovative arts or alternative arts, as they explore movement in a variety of ways.

YogaMoves Class Description and Fees

Single class.....$5-20
5-class series.....$65
10-class series.....$110
20 class card for $190

Student rates available. Please present card.

  • 5, 10 & 20 class cards are available.
  • Payments for classes and workshiops are non-refundable.
  • The Studio does not accept credit cards

Class Description

  • Acting- A dynamic class where participants get the chance to explore body movement and voice.
  • Ashtanga Yoga- A series of postures sewn together with breath and movement transitions. Yoga Moves offers the first of six series.
  • Beginning Yoga- Introduces simple postures for the novice. Focuses on breath and the language of Yoga.
  • Children's Juggling and Balancing- Juggling and balancing juggling balls, sticks, etc. Balancing with partners and on bongo board. Part of "Circus After School" program. You must per-register for this class.
  • Clown Patrol/Teen Comedy Theatre-This is an acting class with an emphasis on physical comedy and learning "clown". The techniques we teach are basic theatre skills, theatre games, and learning comedic timing and how to use it in scene work.
  • Contact Improv-Contact improvisation is a dance technique using touch. Students learn to safely exchange weight, balance and rhythm. Contact improvisation guides participants into a sublime state of trust and surrender, attuning us to natural impulses and intuitive movement.
  • Continuum-Continuum is a movement based meditation practice based on Emily Conrad's Continuum Movement. Utilizes slow fluid movement, sound, and deep internal concentration. Sessions are open to all.
  • Hanna Somatics Exercises-Designed to release muscle tension. To Pandiculate: to stretch one's self as upon awakening.
  • Hatha Yoga-A form of Hatha Yoga created by Shandor as a counterbalance to the astanga vinyasa and iyengar styles. Mixes yogic movement, martial arts, Indian dance and pranayama.
  • Inversion Swing-Explores yoga postures from an inverted swing that is safe for all levels. It especially assists back and neck ailments and it's wonderful for cyclists and runners.
  • Kundalini Yoga- This system of yoga makes conscious use of energy channels such as the breath and chakras in the process of awakening the Kundalini. Kundalini is the energy of the non-physical, divine, and infinite experienced within the physical and infinite.
  • Moderate Yoga- For the advanced beginner with less explanation and more postures.
  • Modern Dance for those that have had very limited or no dance training. Taught by Colleen Mulvihill and Eliza Kuelthan.
  • Pilates Mat Class - Pilates is a unique method of body conditioning using stretching and strengthening exercises developed by Joseph H. Pilates over ninety years ago.
  • Prenatal Yoga- Gentle Yoga for pregnant women with an emphasis on preparation for birth.
  • Trapeze- Described as "yoga in the air", still trapeze is safe, close to the ground, and great for building strength and balance. Children's program part of "Circus After School". You must per-register for this class.
  • Vigorous Yoga- For the more seasoned student with at least a year of asana practice.
  • Viniyoga Yoga- Emphasis is on breath and movement recognizing individual capacities.
  • Vinyasa Yoga - A flow-based movement integrated with breath and alignment. Based on the Ashtanga series.

Yoga Moves Workshops and Events

  • Inversion Swing Workshop
    April 2/3 | Saturday & Sunday
    2:00 - 5:00pm with Rima Miller
      Pr-registration required
    $180 for each workshop
  • African Dance with Alhassane Camara
    Alhassane is a master dancer, performer and teacher from Guinea, West Africa. He is happy to be sharing his love for his countries traditional art with his community here in Santa Fe.

Yoga Moves Staff

  • Rima Miller
  • Natalie Miller
  • Kathryn Mark
  • Keren Abrams MA
  • Nate Patrus
  • Anna Carvlin
  • Matt Huish
  • Soriba Fofana
  • Alhassane Camara

YogaMoves Address

Studio and Mailing Address:
825 Early Street, Suite C
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505

Phone number: 505-989-1072