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C-Plex60 is designed to block carbohydrate digestion by reducing the alpha-amylase enzyme activity which means that less carbohydrates are absorbed into the body thereby reducing the amount of body fat produced.

C-Plex60 Ingredients

Main ingredients inside Cplex60 are Seaweed extract and White Kidney Bean extract.

C-Plex60 Dosage

One capsule per day 30 min before meal.

C-Plex60 Side Effects

Itís unlikely that Cplex60 can cause any side effects. This diet pill doesnít have any stimulants in it, which means that it wonít give you any unpleasant feelings

C-Plex60 Pros & Cons

It is advisable that you always weigh up the pros and cons of any weight loss supplement or dietary aid before you start taking it, as this will help to determine whether this is the right choice for you. Some of the pros and cons that you will find with C-Plex60 include:

  • You can stop up to 82 percent of carbs being absorbed by your digestive system
  • You can cut your intake of calories as a result of this
  • The weight loss supplement is all natural and safe to use
  • You can boost your weight loss the natural way
  • You can still eat foods containing carbs
  • You have to be on a carb rich diet for this formula to be effective
  • You have to take a pill half an hour before each meal
  • It may not be ideal for those that do not like taking pills