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Diamondback was founded in 1978 by a small United States west coast distributor Western States Industries (WSI) who originally sold road bikes under the Centurion brand and later introduced BMX under the Diamondback brand. Diamondback Fitness strives for constant improvement in its products to inspire constant improvement in the training experience of first-timers to seasoned athletes who depend on the brand to achieve their fitness goals.

Diamondback Fitness reconnected with its cycling roots in 2012 by upgrading 36 different components and details throughout its collection with features never before seen in the fitness industry. The 910 series of upright bicycles, recumbent and elliptical trainers are the first to feature Appleฎ docking stations for i Pads, i Phones and iPods; and are detailed with custom saddles, anodized quick-release levers and forged alloy components that exudes a high-end appeal. While the technology advancements are exclusive, the price makes it accessible to all. Better value, better products and a better experience continue to make Diamondback Fitness the preferred choice for in-home training.

List of Diamondback Fitness Products (Models)

Diamondback Ellipticals :

•           Diamondback 1260Ef Elliptical

•           Diamondback 510Ef Elliptical

•           Diamondback 510Er Elliptical

•           Diamondback 910Ef Elliptical

•           Diamondback 910Er Elliptical

Diamondback Treadmills:

•           Diamondback 500Tm Treadmill

•           Diamondback 600Tm Treadmill

•           Diamondback 700Tm Treadmill

Diamondback Exercise Bikes:

•           Diamondback 510Ic Indoor Exercise Bike

•           Diamondback 510Sr Recumbent Exercise Bike

•           Diamondback 510Ub Upright Exercise Bike

•           Diamondback 910Ic Indoor Exercise Bike

•           Diamondback 910Sr Recumbent Exercise Bike

•           Diamondback 910Ub Upright Exercise Bike

Diamondback Fitness Contact Address:

Phone: 800-776-7642

Address: 2575 Pioneer Ave.

Suite 101, Vista, CA 92081