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FreeMotion Fitness

Free Motion Fitness, a subsidiary of ICON Health & Fitness, is dedicated to providing total fitness solutions with competitive financing, quality customer service, comprehensive training and unparalleled products. Free Motion, the first and only full circuit of integrated functional strength training equipment. Free Motion Commercial Cardio has revolutionized the industry with Workout TV™, the first cable-access TV integrated into the console of the equipment. In December 2000, ICON Health & Fitness acquired the company and established Free Motion Fitness as its commercial division. As a wholly owned subsidiary, we afford all of the benefits of a globally connected company, yet stand independent with respect to operations, research, development, and sales and marketing.
Established in 1977, ICON is the world's largest marketer and manufacturer of fitness equipment, with a heritage of revolutionizing the industry with innovative products.

FreeMotion Products

  • FreeMotion Dual Cable Cross
  • FreeMotion Tricep
  • FreeMotion Chest
  • FreeMotion Shoulder
  • FreeMotion Bicep
  • FreeMotion Row
  • FreeMotion Calf
  • FreeMotion Hamstring
  • FreeMotion Quad
  • FreeMotion Squat
  • FreeMotion Abdominal
  • FreeMotion Lift
  • FreeMotion Step
  • FreeMotion Lat
  • FreeMotion EPIC Chest
  • FreeMotion EPIC Leg Extension (Non-LM)
  • FreeMotion EPIC Lat High Row
  • FreeMotion EPIC Seated Leg Curl
  • FreeMotion EPIC Leg Press
  • FreeMotion EPIC Fly/Rear Delt
  • FreeMotion EPIC Shoulder
  • FreeMotion EPIC Adduction/Abduction
  • FreeMotion EPIC Bicep Curl (Non-LM)
  • FreeMotion EPIC Tricep (Non-LM)
  • FreeMotion EPIC Assisted Dip-Chin
  • FreeMotion EPIC Calf Extension
  • FreeMotion EPIC Prone Leg Curl (Non-LM)
  • FreeMotion EPIC Back Extension
  • FreeMotion EPIC Lateral Raise
  • FreeMotion EPIC Seated Row
  • FreeMotion EPIC Rotary Torso
  • FreeMotion EPIC Abdominal
  • FreeMotion EPIC Bicep
  • FreeMotion EPIC Tricep
  • FreeMotion EPIC Leg Extension
  • FreeMotion EPIC Leg Curl
  • FreeMotion EPIC Prone Leg Curl
  • FreeMotion EPIC Smith Machine
  • FreeMotion EPIC Olympic Squat Rack
  • FreeMotion EPIC PlateLoaded Leg Press
  • FreeMotion EPIC PlateLoaded Squat
  • FreeMotion EPIC Olympic Flat Bench
  • FreeMotion EPIC Olympic Decline Bench
  • FreeMotion EPIC Olympic Incline Bench
  • FreeMotion EPIC Military Press
  • FreeMotion EPIC Preacher Curl
  • FreeMotion EPIC Flat Bench
  • FreeMotion EPIC Adjustable Bench
  • FreeMotion EPIC Utility Bench
  • FreeMotion EPIC Twin Tier Dumbbell Rack
  • FreeMotion EPIC Single Tier Dumbbell Rack
  • FreeMotion EPIC Beauty Bell Rack
  • FreeMotion EPIC Barbell Rack
  • FreeMotion EPIC Olympic Weight and Bar Rack
  • FreeMotion EPIC Dip-Chin-Ab
  • FreeMotion EPIC Abdominal Bench
  • FreeMotion EPIC 45-Degree Back Extension
  • FreeMotion Cable Column

FreeMotion Racks

  • Freemotion Epic Olympic Squat Rack
  • Freemotion Epic Twin Tier Dumbbell Rack
  • Freemotion Epic Single Tier Dumbbell Rack
  • Freemotion Epic Beauty Bell Rack
  • Freemotion Epic Barbell Rack
  • Freemotion Epic Olympic Weight And Bar Rack

FreeMotion Treadmills

  • Freemotion Treadmill With Workouttv
  • Freemotion Treadmill Basic
  • Freemotion Reflex T11.4 Treadmill
  • Freemotion Treadmill T7.4
  • Freemotion Reflex T7.7 Treadmill
  • Freemotion 750 Interactive Treadmill
  • Freemotion 770 Interactive Treadmill
  • Freemotion 730 Treadmill
  • Freemotion 790 Interactive Treadmill
  • Freemotion Treadmill T5.8

FreeMotion Exercise Bikes

  • Freemotion Recumbent Bike R7.7
  • Freemotion 330r Exercise Bike
  • Freemotion Indoor Cycling S11.6 Bike
  • Freemotion Indoor Cycling S11.8 Bike
  • Freemotion Indoor Cycling S11.9 Bike

FreeMotion Product Support

  • CASE STUDIES: here you can read various case how customers have changed their lives through Free Motion fitness equipments.
  • PRODUCT DETAILS: You can get detail of any product their warranty, price specifications.

FreeMotion Contact Address

Company Headquarters

Free Motion Fitness
1500 South 1000 West
Logan, Utah 84321
[+1] 435.786.2900
[+1] 435.786.2781 fax
800.999.3102 toll-free

Free Motion Fitness Customer Care Department
[+1] 800.201.2109 Toll-free