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Full Fast Spray

Full Fast Appetite Control Spray is a weight loss product that claims to make you feel full through the use of an oral spray. According to the FullFast website, Fullfast is supposed to be a weight management supplement spray to assist dieters feel full while on a weight loss program.

Full Fast Spray Ingredients

The main ingredient is an amino acid called 5-HTP which is a nutrient that releases serotonin to the brain. Among 5HTP, the other natural botanical ingredients found in Full Fast Appetite Control Spray are Klamath algae, Artichoke, Centella & Guarana.

Full Fast Spray Dosage

Pump 3 sprays of Fullfast under your tongue, waiting a few seconds in between, 5 times a day ideally 30 minutes before meals.

Full Fast Spray Benefits

  • Convenience and portability, you can carry it in your handbag or in your pockets
  • Fast acting, just 3 sprays under the tongue and your hunger will ceases in a matter of minutes. Feel full fast!
  • No pills to swallow, a big thumbs up from me on this one
  • Keeps you on track with your weight loss or diet program
  • 100% natural botanical ingredients like Giffonia, dandelion root, artichoke leaf that are rich in nutrients to help purify and detox the body.
  • Clinical tested to be safe with no side effects
  • Lose up to 3lbs-5lbs or 1.3kg-2.3kg per week

Full Fast Spray Disadvantages

  • Fullfast may not work on everyone, some people experience a satisfied feeling but they donít feel full.
  • Fullfast is a spray that assists in cravings but does not actually melt fat or reduce weight permanently, it curbs your appetite momentarily only.