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Mayur means Peacock in Sanskrit. Mayurasana is an asana where the individual assumes a peacock like posture. This asana tones up the abdominal portion of the body. It also strengthens the fore arms, wrists and elbows.Mayurasana is a very important balancing pose but this demands good physical strength.It is also called as Peacock Pose.

How To Do

  • Kneel on the floor, knees wide, and sit on your heels. Lean forward and press your palms on the floor with your fingers turned back toward your torso. Bend your elbows slightly and touch the pinky sides of your hands and the outer forearms
  • Slide your knees to the outside of your arms and bend your eyes at right angle.
  • Lean your front torso onto the backs of your upper arms and burrow your elbows deep into your belly at or below the navel.
  • Firm your belly against the pressure of the elbows. Lower your forehead to the floor. Then, straighten your knees and stretch your legs out behind your torso, tops of your feet on the floor. Firm your buttocks and round your shoulders slightly downward.
  • Lift your head off the floor and look forward. Lean your weight slightly forward
  • Hold at first for about 10 seconds, gradually increasing your time to 30 seconds

Benefits of Mayurasana

  • Strengthens the wrists and forearms
  • Tones the abdomen
  • Strengthens the back torso and legs

Body Focus

  • Wrists and forearms
  • Thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Abdomen

Type Of Yoga Poses