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Mileage Fitness St900t Treadmill

ST900T Treadmill is fully commercial treadmill and comes with TV compatibility & built in TV option.

Mileage Fitness ST900T Treadmill Specifications

  • Maxinum UserWeight: 400 lb.
  • Unit L x W x H: 89 x 36 x 60.5
  • Unit Weight: 410lbs.
  • Innovative touch: Sensor technology with blue back light buttons providing excellent user interface
  • Built-In Heart rate bar system could simply help runners monitor easily and precisely the heart rate with both hand pulse and polar telemetry to achieve the individualized heart rate target for best workout result
  • Running Surface: 22 x 60.5
  • Built-In Test Program offers the best reference for personal physical condition test and training that really simulate training system of military, gerkin & FBI.
  • Full set of program for different training request, including 20 workouts
  • Ergonomic designed control panel conveniently located below the console for heart rate grip and quick incline & speed adjustments
  • High speed circulation fan

Mileage Fitness ST900T Treadmill Specifications

  • Powerful AC 3.5 continuous HP motor with drive motor control
  • Speed Range 0.8-25km/h
  • Precise incline control from 0-15%
  • 1 medium density deck with intelligent shock absorption system
  • Precision steel rollers
  • 2 Removable cup/bottle holders

Additional Info

Program Information:

Pre-Set Program: 20
Level: 20
HRC: 3 Manual: 1