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About Motus

MOTUS Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993 as a venture manufacturer of fitness equipment which includes treadmills, Crosstrainers ellipticals, bikes, steppers and strength training machines.With over 12 years of experience manufacturing high quality commercial treadmills, Motus is further engaged, a 10 year agreement in 1995, which was concluded with the National Sports Science Institute. The result is a cooperative R&D program which has ensured the latest trends and findings which is directly afforded to the engineers and product developer in real time without the need for special studies to be compiled only when required.
Through such efforts, they are striving to achieve state-of-the-art technology and the best product quality in the fitness industry.
Recognized for their efforts, they were designated in 1998 as a venture firm and a manufacturer of excellent quality sports equipment by the Small and Medium Business Administration (SMBA) and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism (MOCT), respectively.
The vision and foresight of the company is to bring to the consumer in the North American Continent, the very latest cutting edge exercise equipment at more affordable prices than that which is currently available in the marketplace

Motus Products

  • Motus Fitness M995tlg Treadmill
  • Motus Fitness M995t Treadmill
  • Motus Fitness M995tl Treadmill
  • Motus Fitness M660brl Bike
  • Motus Fitness M660br Bike
  • Motus Fitness M660bu Bike
  • Motus Fitness M660bul Bike
  • Motus Fitness Nrg Indoor Cycling
  • Motus Fitness Fusion Indoor Cycling
  • Motus Fitness M650s Stepper
  • Motus Fitness M650sl Stepper
  • Motus Fitness M770e Elliptical
  • Motus Fitness M770el Elliptical

Motus Product Support

  • Warranty Registration: You can register your purchase here so as to customer need not face late services . products purchased must be registered within 30 days

  • Fitness Glossary: Some keywords regarding health world are given with their meanings

  • Manuals: Manuals regarding equipments are given to ease your exercise

Motus Contact Address

Motus USA
841 E. Sand hill Avenue
Carson, CA 90746

Tel: 310.515.1000
Toll Free: 1.866.MOTUS.NOW

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