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NoPHEDRA is an extremely effective fat burning product without ephedra that really works! It combines powerful, but safe, energy and modd enhancers, appetite suppressants and a synergistic blend of potent fat loss agents. NoPHEDRA provides a very powerful thermogenic and metabolic boosting effect for amazing long term results! If you have been searching for the answer to ephedra, a way to actually burn fat and get lean without ephedra, you’ve found it.

NoPHEDRA Ingredients

  • Green tea and caffeine

    That’s right, NoPhedra contains two of the 3 most powerful weight loss ingredients and while the green tea extract plays a role in the control of body composition via the activation of themrogenesis and fat oxidation, the caffeine works to promote categcholamine production and also inhibit the enzyme phosphodiesterase. These two processes together cause the body to burn fatty acids at an enhanced rate.

  • Synephrine

    Citrus aurantium is a Chinese fruit that contains several alkaloids with Synephrine being the principal compound. Synephrine is thought to control basal metabolic rate. This compound provides the same fat burning, muscle sparing and appetite regulation as Ephedrine but without any offensive side effects.

  • L-Tyrosine

    The amino acid L-tyrosine is converted to noroadrenaline, which is one of the catecholeamines released by caffeine. It prolongs caffeine effectiveness. L-tyrosine has been shown to enhance the effects of other thermogenic agents as well promoting the burning of fat.

  • Forkolin

    The latest and most sensational ingredient to enter the fat loss arena is Forslean. Research shows that oral forskolin can be a strong stimulator of adenyl cyclase, the controlling agent of fatty acid beta-oxidation. Put quite simply, when this enzyme is produced, it forces the body to burn fat for energy.

  • 5-HTP

    5-HTP or 5-hydroxytryptophan regulates carbohydrate and food intake and thus promotes fat loss. 5-HTP is a precursor to serotonin, thought to be one of the major hormones, which regulates carbohydrate and food intake.


Two capsules taken 2-3 times daily.

NoPHEDRA Side Effects

Because NoPhedra is a mild stimulant, it will never have the side effects of ephedra products, i.e. jitters, nervousness, insomnia, heart arrhythmia, or high blood pressure.


  • Nophedra can be purchased easily and conveniently through the official website.
  • Nophedra is available to users without a doctor’s prescription.
  • Nophedra comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • This weight loss product is free of Ephedra.


  • There are no customer testimonials or success stories provided for Nophedra supplements.
  • Clinical data and trials are not presented on the website.
  • A full list of product ingredients are not posted on the website for Nophedra.
  • There do not appear to be any free samples of Nophedra available via the website.
  • Nophedra seems to contain many ingredients, and current medical research seems to indicate that a simpler formula may be better for thermogenesis.