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Pheneterex is a non-prescription diet pill claims that it burns fat, suppresses appetite, speeds up metabolism, inhibits fat absorption (during digestion), and sheds pounds without forcing you to alter eating habits.

Phenterex Ingredients

Phenterex includes the following ingredients:

  • dicaffeine malate
  • chocamine
  • mango seed extract
  • phenylethylamine
  • synpehrine
  • humulus lupus.

Phenterex Dosage

Recommended dosage of Phenterex is one capsule .

Phenterex Side Effects

Due to the stimulant content present and Caffeine, there are certain side effects that you should be aware of before you take Phenterex:

  • nervousness
  • anxiety
  • fatigue
  • jitteriness
  • fast heart rate
  • inability to sleep properly

Phenterex Warnings

Phenterex shouldn't be taken if you are pregnant, nursing, or food absorption problems. Phenterex is for people who are considerably overweight. You should not take Phenterex if you are only a few pounds overweight or not overweight at all. As with any medications, if you are currently taking other medications you should speak with your doctor first before combining the two treatments.

Phenterex Pros

  • Good customer reviews (on website)
  • Some quality ingredients
  • Should boost energy and increase metabolism

Phenterex Cons

  • Expensive ($59.98 per bottle)
  • Refund policy is unclear (link for refund information on website is non-functional)
  • Quantity of ingredients per serving is low
  • No clinical trials proving Phenterex to be effective